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If you have cabin disease and you like local music, then Ste. The Genevieve Area Chamber of Commerce has the event for you.

The Winter Music Series, which begins Friday and runs every Friday through March 11, will be performed by four local bands at the Orris Theater in Ste. Genevieve, 365 Commercial Street.

“After weeks of cold and bad weather, people get cabin sickness and they just want to go outside,” said Chamber Director Dena Kreitler. “It provides an opportunity for families to go out and have dinner and go see a show. But it spreads to the music community. “

The four groups scheduled, in terms of focus, are Saints Til Friday, Southern Gypsy, Crossroads, and Sweetwater Holler.

Concerts will run from 8-11 pm Doors open at 6:30 pm

Tickets are $ 10 per person per show. It can be purchased online at or at the office office, 51 South Third Street.

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“Music has been known for a lot of people and maybe one of the most important things is being very good for the soul,” Kreitler continued. “And it’s very good for mental health. So when people have that kind of stressful summer, it’s a way for them to go and enjoy the normal things they do during the spring and summer.

This is the first year for a winter event.

“This is something my summer musicians have asked me to do for two years,” Kreitler said. “Finally, this past summer, we said, ‘Yeah, let’s try.’

The office will host its annual Summer Music Festival this June and July.

“It worked,” he explained. “We’re going into our 14th year and it’s getting better every year.

“I think I was a little nervous at first to start a Winter Music Series, because I didn’t know how the weather was going to play out for some reason and things like that. But for now, it’s really good. this year .. our line is very good.

The winter story is different from the summer one in the groups presented.

“We’re using local organizations all over the place,” he said. “So the bands you see in Midway or Dew Drop or Spokes or something like that. Summer Music Series is our bands that we agree on in St. Louis or Illinois.

According to Kreitler, they didn’t want to take away any of the tax breaks they had in the summer.

“So we decided to honor and promote our local talent,” he continued, “because we have a lot of local talent in our country.”

The Winter Music Series is dedicated to Duane Donze. Before ending his long battle with cancer about three years ago, he was the sound engineer for the Summer Music Series from its inception.

“We dedicated the story to him because that’s what he really wanted,” Kreitler said. “She has lived with us from the beginning. So we want to improve and improve on something that has helped us thrive.

He said he was more than a voice man. He helped scout groups and worked directly with them, helped them organize and disassemble, and did sound audits.

“Even though he’s very sick, he always goes to the Summer Music Series and he plays our band,” she said. “And we always say, ‘Duane, do you know you can do this?’ and he said, ‘That is my way of life. I love lizards. I was given a reason to fight. ‘”

They also created a music lesson in his name, which will be given after the Summer Music Series to a student from Ste. Genevieve High School and a student from Valle Catholic High School are planning a career in music or theater.


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