Why the Charlo-Castano rematch is an event not to be missed

American Jermell Charlo and Argentine Brian Castano meet this weekend in California for an undisputed four super welterweight belts after a bitter first fight with a controversial result (a draw) last July The Laureate (live from 3am on RMC Sport 1) from Saturday to Sunday. If you like boxing, an intense fight is worth watching. explain.

Because the first is a controversial beauty

Some are calling it “the battle of 2021.” For others, it’s not far from it. American Jemel Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KO; 31), WBC-IBF-WBA champion and Argentine Brian Castano (17-0 -2, 12 KO; 32), WBO Belt rack, you are worth a look if you like boxing. Last July, after 12 rounds at a hellish pace, the judges made a verdict that puzzled many: a draw.

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Most observers, including yourself, thought the result was a “gift” from the local judges to Charlo — the game took place in San Antonio, Texas, where he lives and trains — and Castano Seems to have done enough with his high volume. One of the three judges, Nelson Vazquez, would even back the Americans 117-111 (9-3), a grotesque card where even the best of wills were… …Criticism of Charlo himself.

His opponent made no secret of his frustration: “He won the second, tenth and eleventh, that’s all. I feel like I’ve been robbed and I’m looking for revenge.” The reunion of the four belts (plus the famous ring) added some fun, originally set for March 19, then pushed back to mid-May – we even thought they wouldn’t have more at one point, as the WBO hinted it wanted to prioritize Consider its obligatory challenger, Tim Tzuyu – after the Argentine suffered a minor tear in a contracted bicep in training camp. And surround them with questions.

Did Castano miss an opportunity? Can Charlotte write a new script? The answer on Saturday night in Carson, Calif., the Argentine will be far less than the two will do it again in Texas. “Many people watched my old fights after the first match against Charlo and started following me, sending me messages from all over the world, especially Mexicans and Latinos, detailing Castano Information on the magazine website. ringPart of the public will support me, and it’s a real bonus to have your people behind you when you’re fighting abroad. “

Because Castano is angry

He pledged to “never give his fate to a judge”. normal. Brian Castano felt cheated in his first fight with Jermell Charlo, and rightly so. But whoever made fun of their opponent’s “nervousness” before getting their revenge imagined a completely different scenario for their reunion. “I think I hit the hardest, knocking him down and raising my hand to show victory,” he concluded. “It’s a tough fight, anyone could fall to the ground and get beaten at any time, and that’s why” that’s why “I just thought about winning. I imagined it, and I hoped it would be before the limit.” He didn’t do it in the first place and paid dearly for it. But this time around, he may not have the extra motivation to do more damage.

When Castano suffered a minor tear in his bicep, which forced a two-month delay against Charlo and kept him from training well for several weeks, his opponents suggested the injury was fake , but is allowed to hide other things. “What he said made me angry,” the Argentine said. “You’re doing your best and seeing your opponents say you’re going to spend more time removing doping from your body shows that Charlo is that kind of guy.” Likes talking shit because he’s a bad guy.” That hard boxer with a vicious and constantly hitting rhythm intends to beat while keeping himself: “I have to be this Castano who keeps sending blows and taking them . . It’s my essence and I have to 100% to bring it home.”

Castano faces a formidable challenge. But he’s seen others…a very high level amateur boxer with a 181-5-5 career that includes a victory over current WBC-IBF-WBA welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr, Brian Castano started his career in 2012. But his journey to the top almost came to an abrupt end. The Argentine fainted during a morning jog as he competed with the Condors in the World Boxing Series. Medical judgment? Severe cardiac arrhythmia (irregular rhythm occupation), jeopardizing his career and health.

“I had panic attacks,” explained the Argentine. I worked with my sports psychologist and cardiologist for a year and a half, but I managed to put it behind me. It’s just an anecdote from the past. Life will give You and “You have to know how to accept them. It made me stronger as a person and made me an athlete. I am no longer afraid. “The two experts will still be with him through his first three professional races in the U.S. in 2015, reassuring him.

The following year, Castano became the interim WBA super welterweight champion. Before the French double: he defended the title in 2017 against Michel Soro, who won the “regular” version against Cédric Vitu (not a real champion’s “super” belt), another french boxer. After three fights, he finally won the “real” world title for himself, beating Patrick Teixeira for the WBO belt. The continuation is known as Jermell Charlo’s first and then second fight to fully unify the category. He intends to sum up as the undisputed king of super welterweight. Don’t count on the judges who have stripped him of the throne once.

Because Charlo promised a knockout

The twin brother of WBC middleweight champion Jermale who will never face him to fulfill his promise to his mother, Jermale Charlo is different from his brother: he has already experienced failure in his career. It happened in December 2018, 11 years after his debut, against compatriot Tony Harrison. Avenging his return to the WBC super welterweight title the following year (months before defeating Jeison Rosario to add the IBF and WBA belts to his collection) freed him from the The fear of seeing himself flying invincible has limited him from taking risks with many boxers. “I’m not afraid to lose my 0 because it’s happened before,” he said in front of the microphone on Fight Hub TV. Now it’s just about being the Jermell Charlo I know I should be.”

For a second fight with Castano, that will mean looking for a knockout. Favored by the judges in the first fight, the American boxer hopes to keep them out of the equation to avoid further controversy. “I want to get this fucking knockout. I want to get this bastard out. I’m the super welterweight champion, and I’m because I’m knocking out all these bastards. I’ll get back to that.” The message was clear. But it comes with risks. If Castano throws as many punches as he did in the first fight, which is supposed to be his style, figuring out what’s wrong will be complicated.

Wanting the knockout too much will expose him to the Argentine’s counterattack, as was the case almost every time he was looking for big shots last July. To be honest with himself, Charlo called his first game “not the best night.” He explained it with lower back spasms that sometimes happened to him that kept him from getting ready. But this time, he was at his best. “I feel good, I’m doing something I haven’t done the first time around, and this is going to make my body the best Jemel Charlo.”

There was a clear plan and a message for fans hoping for a long fight: ‘May the best man win, but I’ll kill him! I have another talent. Between my athleticism, my intelligence and my talent, Castano couldn’t handle me. I want to turn it off soon. If so, please don’t be mad at me. I want to do this show, but most importantly I have to turn it off. Everyone tells him he’s the best, which makes fun of him mentally. My message to Castano? get ready. Put your fucking hands in the air because I’m here to bang you with my biggest fist. Do you want to do a lot of strikes quickly? I will do the same. Let’s see if you can get away with it. “It’s a determined Jemel Charlo who will face Brian Castano this Saturday night.

Because the Nuggets “boots” are also on the show

If the main poster is enticing, we shouldn’t miss the night’s main collaboration either. on the show? A knockout match between Nuggets Jaron “Boots” Ennis and Custio Clayton to become the official challenger for the IBF welterweight title. The two undefeated fighters will battle their way to the world belt in a category awaiting complete unity from Terence Crawford and Errol Spencer Jr.

No disrespect to Canada Clayton (19-0-1, 12 KO; 34), who competed in the 2012 Olympics as an amateur, and all eyes in the art world will be on Ennis (28-0, 26 KO) ; 24) old), a machine that can knock out opponents and shows potential worthy of being one of the best boxers on the planet. “I’m here with a big message to announce ‘Boots’, the U.S. National Gold Glove Amateur champion and turned pro in 2016. I want to win and KO in a dominant fashion to show that I Ready to be the No. 1 in this category.”

In 2021, he added two knockouts to his collection, including one against former IBF light welterweight champion Sergei Lipinetz, the fighter who was trained in his hometown of Philadelphia by his father “Bozy”. To kick off his 2022 campaign: “I feel like I’m getting better at taking my time and relaxing in the ring. The better my opponent is, the better I’ll be. We try to put in more jabs, in the ring Be more alert. My training camp is going very well and I’m looking forward to making a big difference in this game.”

All this without looking more at his opponent. “I don’t look at the people I face on video. I let my team handle it. We’re prepared for everything, not just for one situation, because you never know what’s going to happen. “In his mind, whatever, seems to have been bent. “From here, everything is going to be bigger and better. We’re going to keep going. I want to show everyone what I’m capable of. My speed, my strength, my defense, my fighter IQ, my game legs …fans want knockouts, and that’s what I’m here for.” If you love pugil skills, you’ll love Jaron “Boots” Ennis.

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