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So little is known about it Toni Braxton and Birdman’s relationship his sisters can’t control. The two were arrested around February 2018. But amid the cryptic posts in the media and the rumors, it’s not clear where the man stands today. “We don’t know, now!”, Towanda a O Traci Braxton Is said about Toni’s relationship during the HollywoodLife podcast. [Listen to the full podcast HERE].

“Listen, we’re in this group, yeah,” Towanda continued, giving Traci a nod of approval. “We knew they were together, kind of, kind of, kind of. If they got married, we just went there. I just told Toni, ‘Tell me your date and then I’ll show it.’ Because I don’t plan on anything else. The sisters promised to show it again this season [6] o Braxton Family Propertieswill air every Friday at 9 PM ET WEtv.

Birdman and Toni had been dating for two years before they were engaged. While it’s not clear when Birdman first started the interview, Toni complained of an “announcement” that he was engaged at the end of February 2018. The two were announced as dating when Both appeared at the BET Awards in 2016.

Traci & Towanda Braxton

Traci [L] and Towanda Braxton [R] in HollywoodLife. (Photo credit: Amanda Jones)

Everything went well between the two until the new year when they shared cryptic messages on the internet, which was revealed to be a breach. However, they did not confirm a division. In late January, fans were surprised to see Birdman surprise Toni at one of his concerts, where he hugged her and took her back. But their relationship remained in limbo.

However, the rapper clarified the situation during a recent interview, where he denied they had ended things. During a show at The Wendy Williams Show, March 29, Birdman admitted he wasn’t sure where anyone’s opinion came from. Now, Toni doesn’t say anything.

Although Towanda and Traci were stopped by HollywoodLife to watch Braxton Family Properties, the sisters also filled us in on their own program. A new film is Towanda, Major, coming up this summer, he said, “it’s a fun and very good movie.” The singer and actor gets his first kiss on screen in the film. Towanda has a line of polish, “T. Braxton Nails”, in association with Adamu Tran, whose family made the nails. “T. is here to get Braxton Nails” at 126 salons this August.

Now, Traci’s latest album is called, On earth, out now. The very first from the story, “Lifeline”, is inspired by her relationship with her husband. “‘ Lifeline ’” he says, can be your sisters, your boyfriend, your husband, your best friend – who’s your lifeline, ”she explains.“ When things get tough, this guy is with you. You’re going to die for this man. “Traci owns her own line of whiskey, called” Black Cowboy Whiskey, “which she describes as” sexy and delicious! “

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