United Fight Night in Brest: “A rare event!”, according to Cindy Perros – they moved Brest

What does an event like United Fight Night stand for in boxing?

Cindy Perros: “It’s rare to have a big party in such a large hall with such a large capacity. In the first edition (January 2020), 4,200 spectators were sold out. There we will use Depending on the configuration, the maximum capacity of the arena can be increased to 5,500 seats. It is huge! The peculiarity is also that there is both an amateur part and a professional part. At the Brittany Gala, there will be some pros at the end of the evening The fight has the headlines. But it’s rare to have so many professional fighters, so many foreigners. And for amateurs, it’s amazing to be able to take part in such a big event.”

You have been chosen as godmother. But you could have participated in the second edition…

“I should box. Originally, I was going to headline the event, fighting for the world belt. The second edition was supposed to take place in 2021, but it was postponed three times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Boxing posters rarely feature female figures in the middle, which has always been the case. It’s a fairly masculine sport. I was fortunate enough to be pregnant during this period, and was obviously delighted and moved by the organizers to invite me to be a godmother.”

You’re a world-class boxer…and a PE teacher in Brest. How did you manage to combine the two activities?

“I have been a PE teacher for the Anne-Marie-Javouhey school group since 2013. I actually train after school. I try to free myself from my after-get off work hours. For boxing, it’s not about training. Not very complicated, because two people are enough. With my coach, we organize ourselves according to the work. I also go to my club (Iroise Taekwondo) to find a sparring (training partner who provides objections, Ed)”.

How do you find sparring partners in Ponant to reach your level?

“They’re men. They’re either heavier or about my size because I’m pretty tall in the women’s category. I box under 65kg or under 63.5kg, which is heavier for girls. I’m lucky to have one at the club A coach who has won a world championship who has experience in professional fighting. To be able to prepare, you have to have experienced people. Some have won championships in Brittany, etc. There is no need to be against world champions People do systematic opposition. The idea is to train and have smart people help you improve your weaknesses. And not get your butt kicked in every practice.”

I want to be a fourth world champion in another federation, that’s the goal I set for myself.

You haven’t fought a war since January 2020. During this time, you gave birth to a child. How are you preparing for this maternity leave phase of your career?

“Basically, I wanted to finish my career before trying to have kids. Then covid came. The battle changed for months each time. I’m 30 years old and we don’t know how long this health crisis will last I said to myself: maybe it’s time for me to rest. I was lucky to get pregnant super fast. I said right away that I was on maternity leave, but I’ll recover after that. I want to be fourth in another federation World champion, that’s the goal I set for myself. I plan to get my license back in September. Until then, I’ll have to recalibrate my body because my muscles have melted “.

Cindy Peros (right), in the ring on the first edition of Ultimate Fight Night. (File photo Le Télégramme/Nicolas Creach)

As a high-level athlete, gym teacher and mom, how do you feel about this new career?

“Top athletes and teachers, I know, so no problem! There, I thought it was a challenge to seek a fourth world title, and I knew I wouldn’t be boxing in 10 years. The challenge was very exciting, instead it didn’t scare you I”.

Hoping to be on the poster for the 3rd United Fight Night this time?

“Ah, but I kept my spot (laughs)! The dream is that I can get my world title at home and it will be the culmination. I love boxing at home and have my audience. It gives you crazy adrenaline rush .. But to launch the third edition, we have to pass the second edition this Friday!”.


United Fight Night, Friday, April 22, at the Brest Arena. Prices: 19, 29, 49 and 79 euros.Amateur matches between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm; professional matches between 8:30 pm and 11:00 pm on the brestarena.fr website

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