Two titles for London Academy when the best schools are decided

Seven schools shared the honors at the Butterfly Schools Team Championships in Wolverhampton on a day when the first champions were crowned since 2020.

Westminster’s St Edward Catholic Primary School defended the title won just before the pandemic restrictions began, while London Academy won two trophies as the top four teams played in both boys and girls categories in the under-11, under-11 age groups. 13, under-16 and under-19.

There was also a special presentation for Richard Hudson, vice chairman of the Table Tennis England’s Schools Committee, who is retiring after 19 years of organizing the event.

Photos by Alan Man – more will appear on our Flickr page in due course.

Under-11 girls

Greenway Primary won all three matches to win the Martin Foulser Cup, beating reigning champions Fox Primary 5-3 in the deciding match.

The winning team from the Berkhamsted School was Riley Jannese, Clemence Courtney, Lucy Miller, Annabel Howe and Ava Baker.

They were never far behind Fox, leading 2-0, and after Sophie Howe cut back on delays, beating the next three to take an unassailable lead, Courtney’s 3-0 win (10-12, 11-13, 6 -11) over Howe taking the all-important fifth game victory.

Both schools defeated Hinckley’s Burbage Junior and Middlesbrough’s Bankfields Primary. Burbage took third place with a score of 6-2 against Bankfields.

For the winners, Ava Baker said, “It’s really spectacular because we’ve come all the way from the first competition to winning the nationals. It sounds crazy and we never expected it, but it looks cool and we’re really happy.

“We were all very supportive of our teammates and definitely our coaches, Loczy and Lewis, helped a lot. They helped us train and learn to play correctly.”

Under-11 boys

Westminster’s St Edward’s Catholic Primary School successfully defended its title and in style, earning 8-0 wins over St Peter’s CofE Primary Academy and Bankfields Primary, and a 7-1 score against St Luke’s Primary.

Brighton’s St Luke’s won their other two matches to take second, while East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire’s St Peter’s took third thanks to a win over Middlesbrough School Bankfields.

St Edward’s winning squad, taking home the Irene Elliott Cup, was Teagan Khazal, Zaid Aldilimi, Parsia Ahsani, Ikram Shah, Taha Shamakh and Malek Shamakh.

Parsia said: “In the final match I was very worried because the other team was very good, but the support helped us to win and it’s good to be champions in our last competition in primary school.

Under-13 girls

The Hartshill Cup went to the London Academy team of Sienna Jetha, Alisha Dutta, Mauli Shah, Tadeea Aparaschivei and Bal Balkan.

With individual champion Jetha as the spearhead, London Academy defeated Bradford Grammar and Newcastle Under Lyme 8-0 and Putney High School 7-1.

Putney won his other two matches 8-0 to seal the silver medals and the third went to Bradford, who defeated Newcastle 6-2.

That match featured some compelling results, including a notable match between Ellie Stitson (Bradford) and Cecilia Clay (Newcastle). Clay led the opening game 10-2, but Stitson moved back to 10-10 and the girls traded points until 22-20 when Stitson took the game and won the match 22-20, 14-12, 11-7. There was also a 20-18 set in the match which saw Bradford’s Liberty Preston defeat Isabelle Heath 3-1.

For the winners, Tadeea Aparaschivei said: “We were confident at the beginning and there were people there to help and encourage us. We want to thank everyone who encouraged us when we needed it.”

Under-13 boys

Devonport High School for Boys of Plymouth was the dominant force in the T Austin Harrison Cup as they won all three matches.

They defeated Wade Deacon High of Widnes 8-0 and both Reading School and Altrincham Grammar School for Boys 6-2.

The winning team was Leo Nguyen, Hugo Nguyen, Lucas Caesar and Oliver Cunningham.

Second place went to Reading, who beat Altrincham and Wade Deacon 6-2, while Altrincham took third, defeating Wade Deacon by the same score.

Hugo Nguyen said: “I feel extraordinary and very rewarded for winning. We were quite nervous at first and we kept fighting and started to play better.”

Under-16 girls

St George’s Catholic School Westminster had a 100% record when their team of Jonabel Taguibao, Luna Archard, Jadeine Augustin and Izabella Repakis won the Mick Betts Memorial Cup.

It was a score of 8-0 against St Mary’s College of Hull, 7-1 against Wade Deacon High School of Widnes and, crucially, 5-2 over Addey and Stanhope School of Lewisham.

That match was tied at 2-2, with St George’s losing twice, but they advanced in the second half to take an unassailable 5-2 lead when the match was stopped.

Addey and Stanhope defeated St Mary’s 8-0 and Wade Deacon 7-1 to take second, while third went to Wade Deacon, who won 8-0 at St Mary’s.

Jonabel Taguibao said: “We were the underdogs and nobody thought we were going to win. We only reached the regional stage last year and now we are national champions.

“A big hug to our coach Dan Basterfield and St Edward’s School who won the under-11s and they were really supporting us.

“It’s amazing and out of this world to win.”

Under-16 boys

The most competitive category saw Sutton’s Wallington County Grammar School receive the plaudits and the Leach-Carrington Cup.

The winning lineup was Chidumebi Egbeama, Ojasvii Borah, Jacob Archer, Sai Gandepalli and Akal Dosanjh.

With three matches in the competition ending in 4-4 draws, and two in 5-3 wins, the result was balanced until the end.

But it was Wallington who emerged at the top of the field, thanks to a 5-3 win over Torquay Academy, a 6-2 scoreline against St Mary’s Academy Hull and a 4-4 draw with Charles Read Academy in Lincolnshire. .

Torquay took second, defeating Charles Read 5-3 and drawing 4-4 ​​with St Mary’s.

St Mary’s and Charles Read drew 4-4, ending with two draws each, so it all came down to points in the match between the two, Charles Read third by a 209-203 margin.

Chidumebi Egbeama said: “It was a little stressful at times, but we were reassured by our teammates and we managed to get through it. It was a very good environment that encouraged you not to give up and keep playing. It’s a great experience.”

Under-19 girls

The Claud Kichenside Cup went to Derbyshire’s Heanor Gate Spencer Academy, while sisters Jasmin and Naomi Coker won all three matches – defeating Ackworth School and Wallington High School for Girls 4-1 and Prince Henry’s High School of Evesham 5-0 .

Wallington won his other two matches 3-2 to take silver, and third place went to Ackworth thanks to a 3-2 win over Prince Henry.

Jasmin Coker said: “It’s really nice to win something. I was a good competition, very pleasant.

“All teams had a chance, but we were optimistic at first and while there are times when you think you’re not going to do it, just keep going.”

Under-19 boys

London Academy won 7-1 victories over all three opponents to win the Norman Cook Cup.

The winning cast was Daniel Oluwamayowa, Octavian Aparaschivei, Robert Ionascu, Fernando Frandes and Devan Shah.

In second place was Hull’s St Mary’s School, which defeated Hampstead’s University College School 5-3 and drew 4-4 with Grantham College. UCS were third after beating Grantham 6-2

Daniel Oluwamayowa said: “We are ecstatic – we won the under-19s and nothing could make me feel so happy.

“It was all about teamwork. We expected to have some tough challenges, but we came out on top.

“Devan didn’t play much, but if he hadn’t been there to support us, we wouldn’t have won.”

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