Trina Braxton said Towanda did not break, cups on sisters, marriage, cheating and hot water.

Toni Braxton Rock in her Review

*In an independent interview, a real Braxton party girl, Trina Braxton told radio and television and EUR Spotlight host Jazmyn Summers that Towanda Braxton’s sister’s reports of losing her home due to arrest and break -in were completely false. Near the end of the 2011 “Braxton Family Values” season, Towanda, his two children and his wasbund Andre Carter were evicted after their home went into exile. They moved in with Towanda’s older sister, Toni. These days, rumors have come out that he is going to that place again. Trina’s words were not true.

“I was at his house one day and he was doing well. I saw his beautiful house myself,” Trina told EUR Spotlight. No boxes were saved.

The other sisters loved Toni’s new look with a bald head. “She is in her 50s. I am in my 40s. I have to start my diet. I can’t blame this stress on menopause.

He told Spotlight that Toni thought his bald head was a little small, but Trina encouraged him.

He is always worried about Tay Tay, Tamar Braxton, who tried to kill herself in the last episode. “Mental health is about everything – whether through death or separation and nothing is released. Because someone is in the limelight, you think they are on earth but you are not. “I know what’s going on behind the scenes. From what I know she’s in a good position right now but since we’re sisters we don’t think everything has been revealed” she shared with Spotlight, “you have to look at your best friends too. Sometimes it’s even worse because they’re the ones who do different things. They’re in world 9 but they’re related to things with to silence and end the hospital or harm themselves and those around them.

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Her latest film “Sisters and the Shrink 2 ″ on Amazon Prime is about the deception she remembers from her childhood.

“My father was a minister. My mother had an affair outside of marriage. My world was shattered, I lost my faith for a second. “Every Sunday he was in church preaching and so I married the first man to have a hill so I wouldn’t go to Hell. If it weren’t for him I have made different choices in my life. Just like I was divorced, I went back to my first wasbund even though it wasn’t a good marriage. It’s as if I won’t die and go to Hell. We met at age 15, we had our first son at age 19, we got married at age 20, we had a new child in aged 21, and married at the age of 24. “

Trina Braxton is engaged

trina braxton - sister & mother
Trina Braxton, her sisters and her mother

This time she was married for the third time.

“It is amazing to me to have such innocent adultery. I didn’t think I would do it again but he took me down the road. He was better and he didn’t look for a fly at night. He’s looking for a real relationship, “she said. His advice to ladies?” Keep people out of your business. Not all the people want to see your joy. Sometimes people see your happiness thinking if you can be happy with it maybe I can be happy with it.

Trina said, “I’m looking forward to old age with someone. Don’t worry about putting on this one rodeo again. She’s always been friends with her second wasbund even though she’s not tied up.” I helped her to. swipe on the web. ”he told Jazmyn.

Trina Braxton and her ex -husband, Gabe Solis,

Trina stopped singing.

“I take testerone pellets because of menopause so I have a low octave… I love being a professional. ”

And my daughter is busy announcing her amazing hot cup that comes in 3 different flavors, bourbon, essence candles and reopening her Barchixx restaurant in Atlanta. You can see the latest and order its dope products at

“Braxton Family Values” is one of the true testimonials that has been running since its inception. No word now if it will be an eighth season. and he shows “But it doesn’t matter if it’s a hoax” the play is real the sister cow and we take that home with us and why do we wait to tell me on TV but we always decide. “Trina says it’s lucky you don’t have any cattle with you right now. But keep quiet.

For a full independent interview and full -time keys watch the video, above.

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