Traci’s husband is accused of using her death penalty

The Braxton family sued Traci Braxton’s husband and crew for using her for not following her wishes regarding the funeral arrangements.

Braxton Family Properties Star Traci Braxton has recently passed away, and her family is accusing her husband, Kevin Surratt, of using his death against his will. Traci passed away on March 12 from esophageal cancer, and her death was announced on social media by members of her family. Members of the Braxton family were not aware of the singer’s illness, but they knew that Traci was much less depressed; Neither Traci nor any other family members reported the star’s heavy loss. When he died he was reportedly living in hospice care for one year.


After the announcement of their sister’s death, the Braxton sisters remained silent. Today, Toni Braxton and others are seen Tamron Schoolhouse gives the details of his sister’s death and explains how he dealt with Traci’s disappearance. While talking to Tamron, the singer talked about the support the family has given Traci while she is battling her illness. In her last days, Traci was surrounded by her family and best friends. The Braxton family asked fans for privacy to allow them to properly plan a delivery for the second Braxton sisters.

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According to Sixth page, concerns were raised about leaving Traci to rest as the Braxton sisters believe Traci’s husband, Kevin, and his crew were using her death in caring for the children. funeral services, he did not want. The insider talked to Sixth page Traci said she wanted to be cremated and did not want a traditional funeral and did not want her body examined. While the insider says a meeting was held to discuss what Traci wanted, Kevin said otherwise. He said, “My wife and I… are better than anyone in the world. I saw my wife, and when she got cancer, we really started talking about funeral arrangements and I was trying to find some medicine for her.. “He went on to say that his actions followed the wishes of his wife. But now he is carrying them out, and his family has treated him like a husband. Kevin also said that the Braxtons’ words were false and that Traci had abandoned her son, the executor of her estate because the family would not harm Kevin Surratt Jr.

discarded braxton family property

Witnesses also testified that an observation was maintained by Kevin Sr. and the steering party the third week of March, but the Braxton sisters did not come; Kevin said they were given an invitation. Traci’s father and brother, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr. and Jr., who went to the inspection, but were said not to be admitted because their names were not on the list of those who attended. The insider talked to Sixth page He said Traci’s father had been seen by someone in the church and had been allowed to take part in the inspection, but had not been allowed to speak and had been placed in the fourth row. Kevin Jr. also declined. to these demands and he said the Braxton men were short -sighted.

A funeral for Traci was held in Maryland on March 31, and it was held at Zoom. In action, Prince George’s County Council announced Traci Renee Braxton-Surratt Day in the county. Not sure what Braxton family propertys The stars went to the funeral. Although Tamron Schoolhouse, Toni said her family will be celebrating Traci Day on April 2, which is Traci’s 51st day, to celebrate her life. Kevin said he wasn’t invited to the event.

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Source: Sixth page

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