Towanda Braxton explains why ‘Braxton Family Values’ came to Hiatus

Braxton Family Properties Fans were alarmed when rumors surfaced that the show would end. After six seasons, the sisters agreed that they were more satisfied with the work of presenting the bad than the good. But they gave fans a sigh when they confirmed the show would return later this year. In addition to work -related problems, the family decided to take a long break from filming to watch their sister – and also to face the immediate death of a close family member.

The Braxton sisters via Twitter

Towanda Braxton said ‘Braxton Family Values’ was retiring because of family drama and the sudden death of their daughter.

Season 6 o Braxton Family Properties it ended with a heated argument between Traci and her sisters for years. Traci said she felt abandoned and unappreciated and ended up spending the weekend with her sisters and their important ones. The sisters are on the thin ice after months of separation after all but Traci went into controversy and chose not to film.

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