Tony Yoka, is it time for a big change?

French heavyweight Toni Yoca suffered his first career loss in the twelfth game of his career in the twelfth game of his career after being beaten by Martin Bacol at the Bercy Stadium on Saturday night. A clear brake on its global “conquest”. How to bounce back? What must be changed by someone who declares that “maybe change something”? The RMC Fighting Club reports to the 2016 Olympic champion’s backhand.

In the ring, his words ended with a tight throat. Emotions within reach. “Martin is the strongest in the ring, everyone can see that. Congrats to him. Time to go back to work and maybe change things…” We can figure out what we want from Tony Yoka, but we have to Recognize one thing: The French boxer wasn’t hiding his first fight at Bercy this Saturday night, when he commented on his first defeat in the pro team as the decision (to mention To a judge’s grotesque 94-94 card…) against Martin Bacol.

Even more powerful, the Congolese roughed the 2016 Olympic champion with George Foreman’s pretense from the start, costing him a first-round pick for the first time in his career. Mats were delivered. Haggard, moved, Yocca suffered lightning, worked as a sparring partner for Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua or Oleksandr Usyk, but at least was able to not drop the case and be better in the second half The ground returned even after spraining his ankle in the fifth round and being recalculated by the referee, the result appeared to be bent. Faster and more nimble than his opponents, he doesn’t know how to take advantage of the situation when it’s in his favor.

Sissoko: ‘He broke his nose during training camp’

“Tony had a little bounce after halftime, punched more, but it was still a tight bout, Bakool won the fight, we all agree,” Suleiman Sisso, French Fighting Boxing Consultant for the RMC Fight Club Podcast Corey said he was very close to Yoka sharing his 2016 Olympic adventure and a few cards from the pros. But Tony didn’t let go. A lot of people would give up. We hope he does more at the end to make a difference, It’s possible because Bakole is starting to get tired, but it’s a fight where he’ll learn a lot.”

And he didn’t hit 100%, which might explain his difficulty cashing in (and his rapid nose bleeding). “What we don’t know is that Souleymane Cissokho revealed that he broke his nose during training camp, putting gloves on his bar helmet and bleeding multiple times was complicated. In terms of confidence Takes a little hit and it has a morale effect. A boxer who is 100% ready has no worries, no worries, he’s 100% going for the fight, and someone injured in a coma brakes. Me and his entourage The officers said a lot, it was the first fight, they were worried, because the nose was broken, it wasn’t easy. Given the results, they were right to be afraid of Bakole, and it was their biggest test yet.

Our advisor also mentioned something he “couldn’t say” but Tony “may say by the end of his career”, suggesting a possible physical malfunction. One day we may know more. Now? What’s next for Yoka? If his critics rejoice at his depravity, then you have to quickly sweep away the pernicious zero culture — with zero career losses like Floyd Mayweather — to realize that a rebound is possible. There is a need to “get back to work,” as he put it, but setbacks aren’t the ultimate stop, and that’s proof that the Bakole was beaten by American Michael Hunter in 2018, and he’s held seven games since then. victory. “He had already failed in the amateurs, even before the limit,” recalls Suleiman Sissoko, and we knew the end of his story of becoming a world champion and an Olympic champion. For me, this It’s one thing.”

The cessation of “conquest” is obvious. But it’s important not to bury Yoka’s career. As a member of the world’s top 20, the boxer will still have other great opportunities. It will likely start with the EBU European Championship against German Agit Kabayel, which is already in the works before Bakole. At this stage of his career, just after his first defeat, we also want to see the man who has played twelve games in a five-and-a-half-year career on the top card (his U.S. co-op promoter) and not too much when he was boxing in his own country.

But his date with Canal still went on for three games, and we can’t imagine that encrypted channels would easily accept playing his game in the middle of the night. “If it were up to him, he would have been boxing for a long time in America,” Souleymane Cissokho confirmed. As if he found himself a little “stuck”. So what’s left to do? Change coaches and leave Virgil Hunter – who says he’s disappointed not to be with him for his training camp and Yoka training in Las Vegas without him – changed Another coach who better develops his strength and ability to manage clutch balls, like the Sugar Mountain butler knows what to do with Tyson Fury in the Kronk after his first fight with Deontay Wilder like that? Other shortcomings need to be addressed, for example on the defensive side.

But Suleyman Sissoko, also coached by Hunter, added: “It’s not the name that matters. It’s about being with someone who can build a strong relationship. There are many coaches, but the relationship has to be well integrated. Together. He lacks power? He still breaks Bakool’s nose! Tony, he’s a guy who manages to hurt. But when you get hit like that in the first round, he gets hit, and sometimes you don’t anymore It’s you. You’ve been hit.”

‘We buried Tony too soon’

Our consultant concluded: “We buried Tony a little too soon. Before that, we said he gained strength, he used his hook better, and he became a true professional boxer. There, For the defeat, we are reviewing everything about his career. He had a good transition between amateur and professional boxing, but there, what we used to think happened when he could have walked with his quality Koehler. Olympic champion Tony Yoka could make a comeback at the French Open or Bercy and has done a lot for French boxing in recent years. But now, after his first loss, he may not be able to Don’t think much about his career. It may change when he rolls it out himself.

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