The ball is back in Saint-Dizier!

Bragards has been stripped of boxing for two years through the pandemic’s fault. She is coming back! Starting at 6pm on Saturday, April 16th, at the Luis-Ortiz Stadium, the Saint-Dizier boxe 52 is organizing an event with no less than three professional matches.

Suleiman Sissoko, Godfather of WBA Intercontinental Super Welterweight Champion (Saint-Dizier boxe 52 will take a bus to encourage him in France’s next fight), presence of Miss Luxembourg (entrance fee for women is 5 euros) ), the must-have Marco Baliani on the mic, three professional matches, with Clothilde Del-Ben, Rany Hadj-Aissa and Jérémy Bernardin jr, eight amateur matches… without a doubt, Saturday, April 16 , from 6 pm, at the Louis-Ortiz Stadium in Saint-Dizier, with the help of partners, club volunteers and the town of Saint-Dizier, for a boxing extravaganza organized by the Saint-Dizier boxe 52. “Since covid-19, it has been difficult to organize a big event,” said SDB 52 coach Hassen Siab. “Two years without boxing, three professional fights. Good thing to revive boxing. Bragards will have a great night! »

Clothilde Del-Ben’s first time, at home

The expected large audience will not have to give Clothilde Del-ben any encouragement. Haute-Marne’s first professional boxer will compete in her second professional fight, her first in public. “It will go down in history! », Hassen Siab proudly points out.

Clothilde Del-Ben in Giffaumont achieved good results last November despite very reasonable pressure. In fact, Clothilde Del-ben won the points against Italian Angela “Amira” Cannizzaro. Against Teklé Begiashvili of Georgia, expected to be confirmed tonight! “She improved,” her coach said. “Technology has been learned. It must now apply them in combat. »

It will also be interesting to follow Rani Haji-Isa (alias “Thoroughbred”) fighting Italian Andréa Coffaro. The new residents of Saint-Dizier Boxing 52 have opted to enter the pros “at home” and weigh less than 91kg. “It is an honour to welcome him to our club,” Hassen Siab said. After performing well among amateurs, Rany Hadj-Aissa intends to impress, especially in front of the Bragard public. “But be careful,” Hassan Siab warned. “There is a transition between the amateur world and the professional world. In the amateurs, it develops very quickly. There you have to look for loopholes and not get caught in the game of ‘fighting’. You will have to focus, not rush Don’t be impatient to finish all rounds and don’t immediately look for ko. The third pro game will involve “Tid Je”, alias Jérémy Bernardin jr. The man with ten pro games, will be on Bragard’s land for the first time Boxing. The Royal Boxing resident is in great shape at Chaumont’s extravaganza on Friday, April 8, as evidenced by his huge points win. However, he has a serious client, Sébastien Lacobas (Senna Saint-Denis). Tonight, he will face Georgia’s Edgar Sakisiani.

amateur boxing gift

Amateur boxing will also be honored, with fighters from Luxembourg, Dombasle, Vitry, Châtillon, Royal Boxing and SDB 52 being honored. For locals, the goal is to “apply their work. They are beginners. They have to gain experience,” Hassen Siab said. May boxing return to the beauty of Saint-Dizier!

Yves Tanturiel

evening show

educational boxing
3 x 2′
Tristan Gillard (SDB 52) – Lenny Legagneur (Dombasel)
Gibril Morini (SDB 52) – Ethan Rapenne (Dombasle)
Melvin Pereira (Luxembourg) – Florian Florenz (Royal Boxing)
6 x 2′ (Pro)
Clotilde Delburn (SDB 52)
– Teklé Begiashvili (Georgia)
3 x 2′
Ayi Gabiam (Vitry) – Timote Monon (Dombasle)
6 x 3′ (Pro)
Jeremy Bernardine (Royal Boxing) – Edgar Sarkisiani (Georgia)
3 x 2′
Mike Vamecq (Luxembourg) – Rim Maitart (Chatillon)
3 x 2′
Babamaka Coulibaly (Vitry) – Nicolas Cabrai (Luxembourg)
6 x 3′ (Pro)
Rani Haji-Isa (SDB 52) – Andrea Cofaro (Italy)
Price: 10 euros, 5 euros for women.
Bar and restaurant on-site.

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