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Sutton Stewart held Anastasia Juliana during a mission trip from Grand Central Church of Christ in New Jersey. (Photo provided)

WILLIAMSTOWN – Sutton Stewart, a freshman at Williamstown Middle/High School, is interested in a career as a child life specialist.

“I really like children, so I think it would be a good job for me, a career,” he said. she said.

Stewart explained that child life experts help children in hospitals deal with what they are going through. She said these specialists may work in hospitals or in patients’ homes.

Stewart said he wants to attend Harding University in Arkansas after graduation. She said it’s the university her older sister Cassell attends. She said she took a trip to visit the campus during spring break.

“Everyone was so nice” she said. “And the campus was beautiful. I feel like you can make a lot of friends there.”

Sutton Stewart helped raise money during the Wood County Society Telethon at Parkersburg Country Club. (Photo provided)

Stewart said he plans to study for a Bachelor of Science in Children’s Life.

“I like to help people” she said.

Stewart volunteers with her youth group at Grand Central Church of Christ in Vienna and with the Wood County Society. She said her youth group participates in community service projects such as baking and delivering cookies and recently a clothing campaign.

She also helped with the Wood County Society Telethon and Camp ECHO. The Camp ECHO (Every Client Has Opportunity) program held at Cedar Lakes in Ripley is a program that matches volunteers with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and then helps them complete therapeutic and educational activities.

“My camper really didn’t like me. It was kind of funny.” she said. “Every time I tried to dance with her, she would go somewhere else. But aside from her not liking me, which I’m going to make her like me this year, I had a great time.”

Sutton Stewart helped donate food to people in need during a food donation drive in Canton, Ohio. (Photo provided)

Stewart said he made great connections with some of the other campers.

“Like they were so sweet and kind and I had the best experience there” she said.

She said she is very excited to be back this summer.

Sutton has a 4.0 GPA and said he enjoys taking his yearbook class. She said she really likes the creativity aspect.

“I’m very creative, so I like it a lot” she said. “And I like taking pictures too.”

Sutton Stewart helped his team paint a house during work camp in the Mid-Ohio Valley. (Photo provided)

Stewart is a member of the Williamstown Yellowjackets Varsity Girls tennis team.

She said she loves playing tennis because of how freeing it is.

“It’s just a fun sport to play,” she said.

She said her grandfather Jerry Throne got her and her sisters interested in the sport when she was in third grade.

She said he likes the sport and wanted to see his granddaughters play tennis.

Sutton Stewart volunteered with the Wood County Society Camp Echo program at Cedar Lakes in Ripley. In the front row from the left were Taylor Islay, CJ Oak and Nevaeh Hansen. In the second row from the left were Matthew Taylor, Audrey Coiner, Athenn Stewart, Maybree Rinard, Aubrey Erwin, Riah Sprouse and Sutton Stewart. In the third row from the left were Brody Bowyer, Alex Irvin, Matt Easter, Ethan McIntyre, Gavin Bosgraf, Tyler Fenton, Bo Kimble, Rainer Holl and Austin Bosgraf. (Photo provided)

In her spare time, Stewart enjoys spending time outdoors.

“There is so much you can do, like riding a bike and walking” she said. “I love walking my dog ​​(Millie) outside.”

She said she also enjoys hanging out with her friends, her youth group, her great-grandmother, playing ping pong and reading.

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Sutton Stewart served the ball during a tennis match against Huntington High at Jackson Park Courts. (Photo provided)

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