Tamar Braxton sued a Twitter user who questioned the singer’s recent entertainment gig after saying Reality TV was about to kill her.

Tamar Braxton He took to Twitter on July 26 to talk about a user’s “voice question” about his recent hosting gig for Zeus Network’s “Baddies Atlanta” reunion with Jason Lee.

“Baddies ATL” is a true online series about some of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” members, including Natalie Nunn, Tanisha Thomas, Sarah Oliver, Meghan James, Christina Salgado, Judi Jackson, Janelle Shanks, Seven Craft, and true star Sidney Starr. The show first started on the Zeus Network in May.

Tamar Braxton slammed a Twitter user who questioned her new receptionist after she said TV was about to kill her. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

A Twitter user questioned Braxton’s role in the special operation after the 44 -year -old said in an interview that he was almost “killed.”

A Twitter user named @yeahitsslay wrote in a post that was deleted after Braxton’s initial announcement about the reunion to be announced next month, “@tamarbraxtonher quickly asked the host Why are you meeting Baddies ATL? Isn’t this the real TV that will almost kill you ???? Let’s talk. ”

The “Love and War” composer responded by telling the “big” crowd that they had previously hosted special events. he is said, “While I know you don’t need the answer because obviously, you didn’t do your homework… to answer your question silently… No! .. all the big people welcomed the real company show #1. @[email protected] @kevinfrashier etc .. get ready for more. ”

When fans caught up with Braxton’s tweet, many defended him, and others explained the difference between being entertained and playing a real movie story.

“Tamar didn’t say she was going to stop doing TV. She didn’t want to be a part of the bitterness that has the camera in front of her all the time and goes into her business it’s different so IDK why people get confused and come for him.

“Hosting a show and being part of a CAST are two different things boo”

“Okyyyyyy I’m not a crazy girl, get that number. Hell, Star Jones also hosted a Bad Girls Club.

“I don’t think you told me to stop lol. There’s a difference between entertaining someone & having a camera in front of you 24/7 to access your personal business. Short. Throwing something bad in someone’s face like that is irritating… “

Braxton told People magazine this month that one reason behind his attempted murder was his son’s feelings about his filming on real film. She said, “I don’t want to continue to abuse her. How can the parents of her peers respect me if that’s what they see every day? I won’t allow my child. to go to a child’s house if that is what was shown on the movie.In my illness, I thought if I could take the shame out of his life, maybe he would have a chance to have very good life.

While he may be hosting the reunion of “Baddies ATL”, it has been revealed that he has signed up for the remake of “The Surreal Life”.

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