Tamar Braxton showed off Toni Braxton’s cooking technology after a controversy over washing chicken.

The cooking war of the Braxtons will begin. Tamar Braxton revealed on Wednesday, July 28, his older brother is the life story itself Toni Braxton, Does not “wash” his flesh. The “Love and War” singer revealed the details while speaking under a movie trailer for Netflix’s remake of “Love Is Blind After the Alter”. Lauren Speed-Hamilton a Cameron Hamilton.

“Love is Blind” is a true story that follows 30 single men and women who are looking for love as they go through a fast -paced 10 -day process in pods. As a result of the first test, these people could not personally see each other and they had to trust the relationship. The Netflix show started last year.

Tamar and Toni Braxton Photo: @tamarbraxton @tonibraxton/Instagram

Interracial couples Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton joined the show’s first season which began airing in 2019. They are back for a new team to thank fans for their They lived after two years of marriage. Speed-Hamilton, a black woman, posted something special by sharing a cooking utensils with her husband Cameron, a white man.

In the recording, they began to discuss their cultural differences while preparing the chicken. Speed-Hamilton said she would “wash” her chicken before adding the condiment, while her husband says it shouldn’t because it’s too hot.

Depending on where a person comes from, washing meat or chicken can be in many ways, such as washing the face in running water or giving it a drink. in a container filled with water, salt, vinegar or lemon juice. The purpose of this process is to destroy the bacteria.

When Speed-Hamilton’s clip went viral after being shared in The Shade Room, Tamar decided to release her sister Toni on the piece for not cleaning her flesh before making a cup. The 44 -year -old said that was the only reason he decided to “give up” the food given to him. “Don’t wash Toni’s flesh. That’s why I’m going.”

Tamar Braxton says her sister Toni Braxton won’t “wash” her flesh after a new film for the Netflix special “Love Is Blind” with Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton discussing cultural differences. measuring food preparation. Photo:@theshaderoom/Instagram

When the blog got Tamar’s first words, they re -emerged the idea, setting the web business upside down. Many people began throwing the true star in order to tell something they said was personal. An Instagram user said that Tamar’s last act with her older sister was why Toni had said that if it wasn’t for the fact that she was related to her family members, she wouldn’t associate with them. .

“He’s just the younger brother telling the industry not to leave the lmfao house.”

“The baby sister is the one to tell the fastest.”

“I know why Toni said If these people weren’t my family I wouldn’t work with them 😂😂.”

“Yes, you are the ones who are telling it.”

“Tamar is just throwing her sister under the car like that 😂😂 omg.”

Although Tamar received a flak for her comments, this is not the first time the Braxton sisters have called on each other for cooking skills. In 2019, Toni shared with her fans an Instagram video of Tamar eating chicken in her. second.

He said as he walked in, “Yes, men, I’m at Tamar’s house – that is, one of her many houses – and I want you to know that she is working on the chicken … in the second room. “

Tamara answered by shouting, “So? I went outside! ”

The “Breathe Again” singer went on to say they’ll have a “swimming pool chicken,” though he reaffirmed the confirmation by giving fans a tour of the powder room. of Tamar. “This is the powder room in his apartment building. I want you to know that this is a real bathroom. … Moa lumi lumi. ”

The film ends with Tamar asking her sister, “But will you tell me how many pieces you have ???” The mother of one of them added that she would not allow the lack of electricity to stop her from working with her cooking skills.

“The electricity is off and you don’t have to bother my chicken. I’m sorry.”

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