Tamar Braxton opened up about the violence, her Nigerian Boo and called Iyanla Vanzant ‘A Diabolo’

Tamar Braxton opened up about abuse, her Nigerian Boo and why she called Iyanla Vanzant ‘The Devil’

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Almost as soon as Tamar Braxton sat down to speak with Wendy Williams, fans were spotted at the key. After showing off her shoes at Friday’s event, the host asked about her breakup with her ex-husband Vincent Herbert, after nearly a decade of marriage. Ana. Braxton said that while he still loved her, the singer knew it was time to move on. “I didn’t want to discuss my happiness under the circumstances,” he explained. “I love Vince. That’s my family. Like family sometimes, you know when to draw the line, “he continued.” I want him to be happy and he should be happy. We don’t have to live together as husband and wife. While Herbert is still alive (he is the father of his son, Logan), the 41 -year -old singer has moved on. She has a new husband, and men are “big” in love. “She is fine. It was like a whole cup of tea – a dinner party, ”Braxton said, explaining that he met the Harvard Business grad at a friend’s birthday party.

Although they had been together for three months, Braxton said he divorced one day and had “beautiful children of Africa.” Of course, Williams also dug into the game between Braxton and his sisters, but the “Love and War” singer said he would not be angry with his sisters. “It’s very hard working with your family,” he said before insisting he wasn’t “angry” at his sister, Traci Braxton, for continuing to film their show. Especially when the other sisters pulled over. Braxton, however, had some remarks about what prompted him to call Iyanla Vanzant – who was brought in to help heal the relationship between the Braxton women – a “diabolo.” “I don’t think his actions, or the way he usually does things, work for my family,” she explained.

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“This is not a situation where we have to go back and fix things; we need to talk about things. It’s small, it’s small, and it’s not called, “said Braxton. In an interview with Vanzant, Braxton Family Properties The end of the season, Braxton said, he walked out because the living teacher brought back some fond memories from the past. “This isn’t a normal Tamar meltdown, walk away. I fought to myself about whether I wanted to or not to tell what happened,” she told Williams, in fact, encouraged her. to share together.

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Today Wendy asked me what happened to my sisters and why I went out. Because someone there decided to ask me about something personal, embarrassing, hidden in front of everyone there, I felt as if my life was burning in front of me. eyes and immediately began to cry. Not because anyone wanted to allow anyone to tell my secret, not to ask me if it was True in front of a hundred visitors, but because my right to vote was again taken away from me. . I decided to tell Wendy and the world MY secret, I myself have experienced something that has been abused not one, two, ten, but many times by many “families” I have not tell someone else two people about my life and they are in this relationship. The man I am now and every day says I am very beautiful and my skin is much better. I thought because this has happened to me now, something needs to be done about people DID know and try to embarrass and embarrass people with something they have had !!! I no longer want anyone to feel small or insignificant or ashamed of something they don’t have control over. I want to create a place where you can tell your OWN story without saying or embarrassing yourself again !! Go and tell your story and inspire yourself to start today! I want you to know that it doesn’t matter how much rubbish you have … you are BEAUTIFUL 💕 I love you so much noneedTBshame.com

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“I’m Tamar and I’m real,” Braxton continued. “A lot of things happened when I was a kid and I was too scared to talk, or embarrassed to talk. But the truth is, I was abused by both sides of my family. It seemed like it was raining. Williams and the crowd fired, but Braxton was in front. ”And I didn’t say anything and I didn’t think I would sit around the table with Iyanla, who is here talking about me and my sisters and our problems, to carry that and embarrass me, in front of everyone. Braxton explained. Although it is not clear what really happened between Braxton and Vanzant, the singer said he is in a good place in his life, and his songs. And that is the only thing that matters.

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