Tamar Braxton mocks Kim Kardashian’s advice for women in the business

People woke up laughing on Friday, March 10, to thank him Tamar Braxton secret tweet about “Keeping up with the Kardashians“family. A viral video of Kardashian’s Variety interview released on Wednesday, March 9, is going way around the media.

In the clip, Kim Kardashian that said, “I have a very good piece of advice for women in business. Start your work and work. It seems like you don’t want to work these days. You have to surround yourself with things people who want to work. ”

Tamar Braxton mocks Kim Kardashian’s advice for women in business. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram.)

In response, a member of “Braxton Family Values” joked, “Let me do my f – activities in chile.”

Fans saw the secret shield Braxton was throwing, including a man who called him “Petty Tay.” Some complained, “This is for the little one.”

The third said, “I read this in his voice [laughing emojis]. That is my peace. “

Someone mentioned a meme made by the player from the “Keeping up with the Kardashians“show, adding,” Because Kim said we’d get up to work. “

Like many who started watching the interview, those who continue to support Kim’s resignation. Kanye West He began to blame the 41 -year -old star for his unwise and unwise advice.

One man complained, “Kim has completely ruined all the good intentions she had built up by treating her marriage like an adult, to get back to this.”

According to one, “Kim Kardashian telling women in the industry to raise their a-es and make the day after International Women’s Day is the biggest joke of the year.”

One man complained, “Kim Kardashian isn’t telling class women to ‘start your f —– ga– and work.’ Please replace f – all [laughing emoji]. ”

About Kim’s past with the rapper-turn-entrepreneur Ray Jsomeone commented, “Kim K has some words for women about hard work. Petty joined the conversation and told her to stfu and thank Ray J for her life.

Kim Kardashian was famous for many reasons, including a pornographic video of her and Ray J. It was one of the biggest videos of the time and Kim dedicated her career to real TV. As previously reported, West told him a second copy of the tape was said in January, and he was reported to have returned it to his estranged wife. However, Kim is the lawyer Marty Himeni the allegations are denied there is a second.

However, Ray J’s first producer and CEO, Wack 100, said he had a clearer video, saying, “It’s better and it’s better. better than the first. ” He offers to just give the rapper “Jesus Walks”.

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