Tamar Braxton leaves on sister Trina’s birthday after people took away ‘Braxton Family Values’

Tamar Braxtonthe celebration post in honor of his sister Trina BraxtonDec. 47th birthday came after fans told the duo’s family story. “Braxton Family Properties. ”

“Braxton Family Values,” or “BFV,” is a We TV television series that follows the lives of Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and the show’s matriarch Evelyn Braxton. “BFV” was launched in 2011, and was announced for the seventh time online last year.

Tamar Braxton (right) presents a birthday post to her sister Trina Braxton (left) who was ostracized by fans demanding that “Braxton Family Values” be returned. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Tamar posted a return photo from the series where she, Trina, and Towanda, who were celebrating her birthday at the time, were editing the color of a place. lock, discuss the difference between the two shades of purple. During the confession, Trina angrily said she would not paint an ointment like that color.

She said, “Yes, thatʻs why Towanda is asking us to paint something purple. Is it not purple? It doesn’t matter if it’s purple paisley or not. It’s purple. There is a voice. I will not paint it purple again. ”

Continuing the scene, Towanda – who is attaching another garment to what appears to be a lock – asked Trina to make “one roll.” That request didn’t go well with Trina, as she immediately called it a “zilla-birthday,” laughing at Tamar and Trina. The engagement ended with the three sisters continuing their argument about the different shades of purple.

Instead of the video, Tamar wrote a nice letter to Trina and said she shared this video because it brought back good memories. She said, “I can’t pass the day without saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @trinabraxton1. I love you next month !! I thank God for these memories !! Oh This trip is better all day long.I love you with all my heart.

When people started to see Tamar’s post, many people sent good thoughts to Trina on her special day. At the same time, some people said that the “Love & War” singer’s video made them forget to watch “BFV.” Some people also said they would like to see the family return.

“I want you all to have fun on the show! Really good show! I hate that you two argue but that’s the way to really live together! We are all angry! I just hate to see you. You were all very close and happy and amazing.

“I need YALL to come back !!!!!!!!! It’s a real game I’m missing in the show…. Hello everyone…. All the truth when you need it… .. you are blessed in many ways… COME BACK. ”

“Hope you guys get back to TV really, please.”

“I like to see my sister in something beautiful. Continue to make these memories while the camera is still standing.

While playing at the Nashville 8th Annual Old School BBQ Festival in October, Tamar predicted that “Braxton Family Values” could soon return to the small screen. The announcement comes a year after the singer severed ties with We TV for using the lowest score of his life to increase numbers for the seventh season of the series.

At the time, Tamar showed some scenes on “BFV” and wrote about her assassination attempt in July 2020. She told members of the public, “What if I told you ‘Braxton Family Values’ is coming back? Not on an ignorant site, I can tell you. “

According to Tamar, no other details about the return of “Braxton’s Family Values” have been released.

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