Tamar Braxton Award Throwback Clip from ‘Braxton Family Values’ People get the stitches.

Tamar Braxton has her thoughts on having the chitterlings at this year’s Thanksgiving party. That’s a lot the singer and the real star share a photo courtesy of his family show, “Braxton Family Values.”

“Where are the evils of God ?!” Tamar wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on Tuesday, Nov. 23. “How can Thanksgiving be without them !! Please help us @trinabraxton1 and I need to be BAD.

The funny picture Tamar, his mother, Evelyn Braxton, and his sister Towanda Braxton buy at the store.

“Tamara, do you really eat chitlins?” Towanda asked in the video before Tamar replied, “Yes, girl, aren’t you?” Towanda replied, “No, that’s disgusting.”

“Chitlins are a great way to be with a family, even though they stink. But if you pull the membrane out, that’s fine, and that’s what my mom does. So I don’t know what Towanda is talking about, but he ate the night out with them like I did.

The film also sees Tamar teasing Towanda, who teases their mother. “Those girls knew they were working on my back nerve,” Evelyn said.

While standing in the release line, Evelyn told Tamara she couldn’t eat “skinny popcorn,” and Tamara said, “Don’t eat anything.”

Evelyn’s head quickly turns 180 to say to her youngest daughter, “Who do you think you’re talking about?” Sure, Tamar said, “No man,” but Mom didn’t get it.

“I think you did a better job,” Evelyn said, while Tamar added, “K.”

People in the mood cheered on the film “Braxton Family Values”, with Evelyn’s granddaughter, T saidoni Braxtonthe eldest son, Diezel Braxtonwho called her “MomMoms.”

“I’m sorry but I cried in real MomMoms,” Diezel wrote, and someone said, “Mama Evelyn doesn’t play.”

Many went back and explained how difficult it was to find chitterlings, including the one who told Tamar, [chitterlings] this year. “

Someone called out to Tamar to share the entire film “Braxton Family Values”, ending with Towanda paying customers. “You left the best piece when you and Ms. @evelynbraxton left and @itowandabraxton got paid for it,” one fan wrote with laughing emojis.

Now, many have praised Evelyn for watching Tamar talk to the “BFV” matriarch.

“You had better stop playing with mom,” said one, and another wrote, “Who do you want to talk to! NO KANAKAYYYY. [You] they are happy !!!!! I want the show to come back! ”

Many people started asking for We TV’s “Braxton Family Values” to return for its eighth season, with some saying, “You guys are the funniest people on tv.”

Someone added, “I love mama E! Miss seeing her on TV.

“I like shenanigans,” one wrote.

Despite severing ties with We TV last year, Tamar Braxton appeared in the seventh season of “Braxton Family Values,” which recorded her July 2020 assassination attempt.

Tamar previously sued We TV for using her injury to increase the show’s scores and made other comments about the story she had been doing since 2011 during her podcast “Under Construction” in November 2020.

“I created ‘Braxton Family Values.’ I did that show and made money, huh? Let me go there, ”said Tamara. “I know everything is the same, ‘Yes, your sisters should do the work and your sisters should do everything.’ Yes, yes, I know this because I did it. “

“Braxton Family Values” has held some of the top slots on We TV since its inception in 2011. So far, the site has not revealed the promotions for the 8th season.

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