Bitcoin is bad

Why not all cryptocurrencies are the same and why you should care and (re)act Bottom For as long as I’d like to admit, I’ve developed experience in the banking and retail payments infrastructure. Being very curious about all digital subjects, especially within my profession, I have added distributed ledger technology, blockchain, tokenization, cryptocurrencies as well … Read more

PCS: What to Expect on Arrival | News

Arriving at a new facility is like arriving at the first day of school, with all the nerves and anxiety that come with any first day. “They are anxious,” explained the 1st Sgt. Aaron Baeza, First Sergeant of the Fort Hood Reception Detachment. “I was very anxious and didn’t know what to expect, and I … Read more

Charles Barkley on issues with NIL and NCAA

Name, image and likeness agreements are revolutionizing NCAA sports. But Charles Barkley believes the NCAA has lost control of the situation, which will lead to trouble. NIL is one of the top buzzwords in college basketball as analysts and commentators discuss its impact. Barkley, an analyst at March Madness, understands the NIL’s problems, because he … Read more

Former Oregon Ducks football player Doug Brenner loses lawsuit against NCAA; Legal team says it will appeal Friday’s decision

Former Oregon offensive lineman Doug Brenner lost his lawsuit against the NCAA on Friday when a jury found the NCAA negligent but did not award Brenner any of the $100 million he was seeking in punitive damages. for injuries sustained during a controversial workout in 2017. Brenner’s lawyers argued that his injuries occurred because the … Read more

Coachella for Capitalists: Why Bitcoin Topped the Berkshire Hathaway AGM Account

It’s been called the Woodstock of Capitalism, Coachella for Capitalists, and much worse too. What is certain is that Berkshire Hathaway’s annual general meeting is a must-event for market lovers. While our UK readers may have enjoyed the holiday, the long weekend saw a lot of inflammatory comments from Berkshire leaders Warren Buffett and Charlie … Read more

Dick Vitale Complains About NCAA Over Oscar Thsiebwe Deal

The name, likeness and likeness offerings and the transfer portal have recently changed in NCAA sports. But Kentucky Wildcats forward Oscar Tshiebwe, receiving $2 million, had ESPN’s Dick Vitale protest them. The NIL agreements and the transfer portal have been two contentious issues because of how they impact sports. College athletes are paid the money … Read more

Pigs maintain the ranking of the 10 best in the Directors’ Cup

Kevin Trainer April 21, 2022 LINK TO FULL POINTS FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – A trip back to the Sweet Sixteen of Razorback Gymnastics’ NCAA Gymnastics Championships helped Arkansas maintain their top 10 ranking in the latest Learfield Directors’ Cup Standings 2021-22 winter edition released Thursday by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of America (NACAD). The … Read more

Erik Jones organizes fundraising campaign for ‘3 Reasons to Race’

NASCAR Cup Series racer and Michigan native Erik Jones is returning to his roots May 19 by hosting a fundraiser at Birch Run Speedway for his Erik Jones Foundation. The 4/10 mile oval just 15 miles southeast of Saginaw is where Jones began competing on his way to the elite NASCAR Cup Series. Today, the … Read more