Bitcoin Beach Original White Paper

This is an opinion piece by Mike Peterson, a longtime entrepreneur, philanthropist and author who is director of the Bitcoin Beach project. Three years ago I attended a meeting that changed the trajectory of my life. The meeting was with a Bitcoin early adopter and philanthropist consultant who wanted to see Bitcoin used in meaningful … Read more

Bitcoin is Venice book review

This article aims to summarize Allen Farrington’s Bitcoin triptych (Wittgenstein Money – Capital Strip Mine – Bitcoin is Venice), on which the book “Bitcoin is Venice”, published by Bitcoin Magazine and written by Farrington and Sacha Mayers. Note that this summary probably won’t do justice to the incredible piece that is “Bitcoin is Venice”. HL … Read more

The Importance of Bitcoin Meetups

Within a few weeks, thousands of people, veterans and newcomers alike, will flock to Miami for the Annual Bitcoin Conference – the largest Bitcoin gathering in the world. It’s a big event for many people, showcasing the latest developments, products, etc. But most importantly, it brings thousands of like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts to meet in person … Read more