Bitcoin Could Change Zimbabwe’s Future

Small steps to resilience “Scalability is the essential property of money. It is the ability of a good to be sold easily on the market without much loss of value.” —Saifedean Ammous Scalability over time and how to deal with volatility. Zimbabwe with experience an estimated inflation of 79.6 billion percent month-on-month, 89.7 sextillion percent … Read more

Bitcoin Core 23.0 Launch: What’s New

A new version of the original Bitcoin software client released by Satoshi Nakamoto was released today. Bitcoin Core 23.0 was worked on by 132 developers over about seven months to bring tangible improvements to the Bitcoin Core wallet, peer-to-peer networking and communication, fee estimation, and more. This article explores some of the major changes. wallet … Read more

The Bitcoin Beach Spawns Offshoot – Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts and Guides

As a former resident of Venezuela, Josef Dvoracek knows a thing or two about inflation, economic mismanagement, and the risks of fiat currencies. That’s why he is among the most enthusiastic pioneers of a new bitcoin payments ecosystem that has sprung up in this lush southern region of Costa Rica known as the Costa Ballena … Read more