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VERMILLION – A gathering of middle and high school students from across the state competed in various science events during the South Dakota State Science Olympiad Tournament, held at the University of South Dakota’s Vermillion campus on Saturday, March 26 .

Yankton Middle School took home top honors in Division B for their 37th competitive year with a low score of 48 points. In second place was Sacred Heart Middle School (Yankton) with 50 and Mikkelson Middle School in third with 74. It was one of the closest tournaments in years.

The YMS team is coached by Nicole Mehlhaff and Cheryl Schaeffer with assistance from Tom Merill, Brooks Schild, Sam Gusso and Andrew Adam. Andrew and Sam are former Yankton SO top 10 national winners and their help was greatly appreciated.

The National Science Olympiad Tournament will be held May 13-14, sponsored by Cal-Tech as a virtual tournament. The 15-member team took first place in 9 of the events, second place in 8 events, third place in 2 events.

The students and the results of their events are as follows:

• Carsen Cuka — Electric Wright Stuff 2nd, Crave the Wave 3rd, Mission Possible 1st

• Gabriel Ebbens — Possible Mission 1st, Electric Wright Stuff 2nd, Storm the Castle 1st

• Corbin Eckert — Storm at Castle 1st, Disease Detectives 1st, Solar System 4th

• Jade Jere – Food Science 5th, Anatomy 1st, Experimental Design 2nd

• Devin Joseph — Road Scholar 1st, Bridges 2nd, Food Science 5th

• Isaac Larrington – Write It Do It 2nd, Mousetrap Vehicle 1st, Bridges 2nd, Experimental Project 2nd

• Sarah Messler — Write It Do it 2nd, Sounds of Music 2nd, Ornithology 1st, Experimental Design 2nd

• Alaina Nelson — Ping Pong Parachute 1st, Code Busters 2nd, Green Generation 4th

• Isaac Paulson — Mousetrap Vehicle 1st, Ping Pong Parachute 1st, Solar System 4th

• Kody Pham – Disease Detectives 1st, Science Crime Busters 3rd, Bio Process Lab 2nd

• Colton Roubideaux — Rocks and Minerals 2nd, Dynamic Planet 4th, Road Scholar 1st

• Sophia Shudak — Ornithology 1st, Sounds of Music 2nd, Science Crime Busters 3rd

• Kaylee Simonsen — Green Generation 4th, Rocks and Minerals 2nd, Dynamic Planet 4th

• Madilyn Smith – Bio Process Lab 2nd, Meteorology 1st, Crave the Wave 3rd

• Mariam Touray — Code Busters 3rd, Meteorology 1st, Anatomy 1st

Meanwhile, Yankton High School took 2nd place with a score of 39 points. First place was Brookings High School with 35 and Elk-Point Jefferson High School in third with 82. The YHS team is coached by Lindsay Kortan and Ashlee Fleming. The 11-member team won first place in nine events, second place in 12 events and third place in 2 events.

The high school students and the results of their events are as follows:

• Skylar Whisler — Codebusters 2nd, Anatomy and Physiology 1st, Dynamic Planet 3rd, Green Generation 3rd

• Patrick Kralicek — Wright Stuff 1st, about time 2nd

• Lance Dannenbring – Experimental Design 2nd, Rocks and Minerals 1st, Write Do it 1st

• Henry Homstad – Cell Biology 2nd, Ping Pong Parachute 1st, Bridge 1st

• Jasmin Peitz — Experimental Design 2nd, Astronomy 2nd, Environmental Chemistry 2nd, Ornithology 2nd

• Katie Schulte – Experimental Project 2nd, Disease Detectives 2nd, Write Do It 1st

• Caden Kallhoff – Rocks and Minerals 1st, Gravitational Vehicle 1st, Trajectory 2nd

• Olivia Hunhoff – Astronomy 2nd, Environmental Chemistry 2nd, Ornithology 2nd

• Anabelle Taylor – Forensics 1st, Disease Detectives 2nd, Chemistry Lab 2nd, Wifi Lab 2nd

• Curtis Nelsen – Ping Pong Parachute 1st, Bridge 1st, Gravity Vehicle 1st, Wright Stuff 1st, Trajectory 2nd

• Elizabeth Elsen — Codebusters 2nd, Detector Building 2nd, It’s About Time 2nd, Remote Sensing 1st, Anatomy & Physiology 1st


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