Russia-Ukraine War Continues, NSW COVID Cases Rise, Victoria COVID Cases Rise, Vladimir Putin Comments of Joe Biden Clarified by US, Budget 2022 to Include Infrastructure Splash, Australian Fuel Prices Soar

Much of today’s blog was devoted to the federal budget, foreign affairs, and parliamentary tributes to the late Senator Kimberley Kitching.

Here’s what’s been in the news in some of the states and territories.


The NSW government will pursue Star Casino for any unpaid tax it is owed, the state Treasurer has warned.

A public inquiry into The Star has entered its third week, according to Tom Rabe and Patrick Hatch.

Earlier today, Star Entertainment Group CEO Matt Bekier announced his resignation.

In other news, northern parts of NSW are bracing for significant rains. Lismore Mayor Steve Krieg says it’s unfortunate that some businesses only reopened after four weeks of deep cleanup following last month’s floods.


Victoria Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan says the federal government could end up wasting millions of dollars if it finances a new cargo terminal in the upstate.

How David Crowe reported, the federal government will allocate US$1.2 billion to a cargo terminal in Beveridge (about 40 kilometers north of Melbourne), US$280 million to road connections around that terminal and US$740 million to a cargo in Truganina, in the west of the city.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Allan said the industry would not use the site in the north, so it didn’t make sense for the government to invest in it there.

“The west is where most of the freight industry is currently located… it’s where the industry itself wants to see the development of this intermodal cargo terminal,” she said. “It is the location that will have the biggest impact in terms of fulfilling the objective of the interior rail project, which is to get trucks off the roads.”

Allan said it was “frustrating to Victorians” who could see the money being used more productively.

And, as mentioned earlier, Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has tested positive for COVID-19.


A man has died after the vehicle he was traveling in became stuck in floodwaters in Toowoomba.

A woman was rescued from the vehicle and taken to hospital in stable condition. Jocelyn Garcia reports.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain in south east Queensland over the next two days.

western australia

And in the west of the country, police confirmed that the six-year-old boy who disappeared yesterday in Perth has tragically died.

Sarah Brookes have the full story.

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