Russia has condemned PEPPA PIG for the latest act of sanctions against the West over Ukraine’s military sanctions.

RUSSIA has agreed to PEPPA PIG in a punitive action against the West as tensions grow over Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

From the Chelsea Football League to the oil spill, reports about Russia and the Russian oligarchs have been plagued with sanctions from the UK and the EU since the war began.


Peppa Pig was approved by RussiaYes: PA
It comes after Russian oligarchs were punished with sanctions from the UK and the EU.


It comes after Russian oligarchs were punished with sanctions from the UK and the EU.Eaten: AP

But now the court has ruled that the signs for world -famous Peppa Pig could be punished as punishment for Britain’s punishment of Moscow.

The decision of Judge Andrei Slavinsky in a court in Kirov could pave the way for serious violations of trademarks and copyrights.

He said political and economic punishment from the West for the Ukraine invasion allowed the court to deny the wrongful claims brought by Entertainment One UK Ltd.

Russia has seen Britain and the United States as “unfriendly countries” due to the collapse of relations over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

In 2019 US multinational Hasbro acquired the Peppa Pig TV series in a £ 2.9billion deal for Entertainment One.

The court charged the Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig infringement claim to “unfriendly acts of the United States and related countries”, according to legal documents from the Kirov case.

The case is believed to have been seized by authorities in Moscow as a weapon against Western sanctions.

The case of Entertainment One in Sleeping Kirov – 595 miles northeast of Moscow – has been described as a “violation of justice”.

The mysterious case was filed against Ivan Kozhevnikov, a businessman, for defending copyright rights for photographs of beloved children’s photographs.

The British company could appeal the decision against its claim of about £ 400 for not copying its photographs.

By the time the case was heard, the value of the claim had dropped to £ 230 due to the collapse of Putin’s ruble caused by the war in Ukraine.

The decision was seen as a punishment for Western patent powers severing their ties with Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis.

The company has previously enjoyed a presence in Russia over its claims.

The Kirov case is one of the Peppa and Daddy Pig criminal cases filed in Russia from the UK with another in Siberia.

It comes after Boris Johnson spoke about the Peppa pig at the Confederation of British Industry in November.

Russian lament complained about Insta ban amid Ukraine war
Meanwhile, the Russian military is ambushed with lethal anti-tank missiles

Regarding a theme park in Hampshire, he told surprised industry leaders: “Yesterday I went, like all of us, to Peppa Pig World…

“I liked it. Peppa Pig World is my kind of place: very safe streets, and in schools.

He continued, after losing his place in his words: “Who would have believed that a pig was like a hairdryer or a dryer like Picasso, a pig rejected by the BBC , to be exported to 180 countries with educational parks in the United States and China? “

The decision could provoke a massive crackdown on symptoms similar to what was common in Russia in the years after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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