Realty TV Royalty Trina Braxton and Kenya Moore Hail Sigma Chi Psi Sorority are nothing more than ‘Amazing’

Trina Braxton Sigma Chi Psi

Reality TV executive, Trina Braxton, opened the 1st annual black gala in honor of Sigma Chi Psi Sorority, Inc.

ATLANTA, GA, United States, June 15, 2021 / – Press Release: Hillary Davis
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Realty TV Royalty Trina Braxton and Kenya Moore Hail Sigma Chi Psi Sorority are nothing more than ‘Amazing’

Reality TV executive Trina Braxton opened the 1st annual black-tie gala for the prestigious Sigma Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. The lavish event was the highlight of the Jade Greek Weekend Affair held on Saturday, May 22, 2021. Sigma Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. hosted their black team at the Westin Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The 5-star gala, hosted by comedienne Bernadette Emmanuel, showcased the accomplishments of women seeking their degrees online while competing in real challenges. The star event was filmed by Enutopia Visual Productions.

The independent Sorority set up the perfect venue for the royals where the beauty of Jades was found on a royal evening, seeking to clash with the elites of Hollywood. Most importantly none other than Reality TV star Trina Braxton, who graced the stage to encourage women of all socio-economic backgrounds to embrace their educational journey. Braxton, who told attendees that he had left Bowie State University to have his first child, said he had finished his degree online. The music mogul said he spent countless hours traveling abroad with his famous Braxton family. Despite the crazy travel days, the many lands, and the intense itinerary of the trip, she continued to earn her degree. Trina added that although she went red -handed and reached the top of the music industry “the career is only short -lived, but your education is something no one can take away from you.”

According to Braxton, who completed his bachelor’s degree through the University of Phoenix, starting this coveted sorority was nothing less than a “miracle.” As a host of “Sister Circle,” a member of the long -running show “Braxton Family Values,” and mother of two, Trina knows the demands of work, family, and education. She trusted her sisters in her journey, and now through Sigma Chi Psi, other women can find a sister to trust. The sultry singer with a golden voice was congratulated to those who came to join the first group for women seeking degrees online. Speaking of the sea of ​​lavender and women dressed in jade, he praised their efforts to continue using virtual platforms to reach their desired goals.

As a first sorority of its kind, Signa Chi Psi is more than an organization – it’s a place to call home. Sigma Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. grows. Greek life to women attending accredited online colleges, community schools and trade schools. Founded by two experts, Drs. Hildra Starks and Stephanie Robinson, of Sigma Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. a safe haven for like-minded women looking to grow together, while avoiding the independent challenges of their path to high school. Pioneer Starks, who holds an MBA, MEd, and Ph.D., and Robinson, with a degree in business from LeMoyne-Owen University, found everywhere in Greek life. They have teamed up to transform the sorority landscape by filling this lapse with an opportunity for women with an unconventional path to higher education. Through Sigma Chi Psi, members experience the essence of love.

Members of “Beautiful Jade” have a warm sisterhood and opportunities to grow, through skill development programs, websites, and English language courses. The nation, the general public, gives back to the community through many charitable events, such as nursing programs, recruiting service men and women, and beautifying the land through clean days. community. Today, Sigma Chi Psi has registered over 400 hours of “Best Practices.” While the sorority is involved, the process is choosing, while intending to select women of heart to serve, to empower the sister while serving the community. Each “Beautiful Jade” completes 30 hours of community service each year.

To its credit, Sigma Chi Psi is an independent non -profit organization affiliated with the Panhellenic community and merged with their fraternity Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity Incorporated. Under the leadership of their new President George Williamson, the Gamma Sigma Gamma family is growing and accepting applications.

Sigma Chi Psi is fast becoming a favorite among A list celebrities, such as reality star Kenya Moore, who touched on their mission, calling it an “amazing career with a lot of talent. be able to.” Moore, a Wayne State graduate who mocks motherhood and her finances, thanked Sigma Chi Psi for “raising a family, whether you’re pursuing your degree, or pursuing a degree. to be a working mother. ” The first Miss USA felt in heaven the group was sent, adding “God will always bless you, as you continue to seek others to bless them.”

To learn more about Sigma Chi Psi, or to interview Dr. Hildra Starks, call her at 443-331-9122.

Press Release: Hillary Davis
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