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Denny Randall Special for Citizen

We have in the museum over 100 years of copies of the Weedsport Cayuga Chief, a weekly newspaper published in the very building where our museum is located today. Many years ago, we put them on microfilm, which made it much easier to search for items in newspapers.

We recently took another step in this process. We’ve acquired a contraption that scans the 3-inch diameter rolls of film and makes a digital record of them, capable of putting several years’ worth of newspapers on a single flash drive, which can be viewed on a monitor, or even our 70 1″ Smart TVs. inch. Pretty amazing stuff. All that said, I’m old enough to be classified as a non-digital person, and I’ll probably continue to use the old optical viewer.

Anyway, this month’s column features excerpts from articles in a copy of the Cayuga Chief from January 7, 1954, when I was a freshman in high school:

• The Grange reports that plans have been completed to remodel the kitchen in the Grange Hall, which is, of course, the former tram station. A covered plate dinner will be served to members at 7:00 pm on Saturday, and the Saturday night dance committee will be appointed at that time. An oyster supper will be held on Saturday, January 15th at the Fellowship Building by the Baptist Church’s Kupples Klub.

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Denny Randall

• Representative Cusick was named vice chairman of the state fire review commission.

• The Weedsport Central School High School band will play a show next Tuesday at 8pm, featuring a horn quartet of Mary Jane Shepherd, Bessie Webster, Dorothy Spier and Esther Stebbins, under the direction of Caesar Struglia.

• The women’s basketball team lost to Sherwood 55-22. Team members include Joan Muth, Wanda Smith, Agnes Van Duzer, Janet Fults, Ann Whitman, Cora Chamberlain, Jackie Pratt, Marilyn Edmunds, Gracia Harding and Jeanne Waldron.

• 20 boys from BSA Troop 59 took a 5-mile hike on January 2nd and 3rd in hail and rain. Meals were prepared and served by Bill Humphrey, Vic DeMoors, Chris Nelson and Joe Moody.

• A teen canteen will soon start weekly in the school gym with dancing, ping pong, basketball, cards and drinks. The committee consists of Dan Webster, Gracia Harding, Carol Witherell, Phil Shepherd, Allen Chapman, Tresure Johnson, Esther Jordan, Phyllis Tierney, Ed Cartner and Fred Hinman. Faculty advisors will be Joe Berle, Charles Jeffries and Mary Ann Sullivan.

• The New York State Canal Authority reports that in 1953 4 million tons of cargo were transported in the Barge Canal.

• Fred and Nellie Kinney purchased the Howe mansion on Jackson Street with the intention of opening a funeral home there in addition to becoming their residence. Mr. Kinney, an Army veteran, recently received his mortuary credentials from the Simmons School of Embalming and Mortuary Science. The Kinney’s will be holding an open house soon. The house was designed and built by the late Representative Michael Grace.

Some of the ads included CRAX, cracked eggs sold by the GLF for 50 cents a dozen. Fult’s Furniture Store announced Serta extra firm, full or double mattresses for $39.75. Ken Heffernan advertised custom curing ham, bacon and other cuts, with sausage making a specialty and meat supplied in quarters, halves or whole carcasses, cut and packaged to order. Finally, the newspaper’s subscription fees were $3 a year, including postage, or 7 cents for a single copy. One more time.

Denny Randall is a past president of the Old Brutus Historical Society and a member of the Weedsport Central School class of 1957.


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