Professional boxer Brayan Guedes from Courpière (Puy-de-Dôme) flies to Tahiti for revenge

Brayan Guedes, a 24-year-old professional boxer from Courpier, has been fighting in the super middleweight (under 69kg) since 2019. On Friday, April 29, he will face Tahitian Hokini Commings (in Tahiti) in an overheated room in Papeete.

In November, the young Overniat had already won Riot’s first victory. His coach, Lhady Kebbour, looked back on the sporting adventure from the start, ahead of a revenge that was destined to be epic.

Why Tahiti?

Tahitian boxer Hokini Commings, through his trainer, is looking for young pros from Tahiti to fight at his home in Tahiti. A referee we know played the middle man. It’s an opportunity for us, even though we have links in England, esp. But the health crisis has thwarted those opportunities to be able to box.

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So we went to Tahiti in November and all expenses were paid. Brayan Guedes, who opened the 6-round 3-minute bout, won by fistfight. Hokini Commings is calling for a rematch, so we’ll be back on Friday, April 29th.

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How’s this fight going in November?

In Tahiti, I told him not to give up and he really suffocated his opponent. You have to imagine an overheated room, sheet metal, with a thousand spectators to support the Tahitian boxer.Lhady Kebbour is Brayan Guedes’ coach.

Tell us a little about your little pony, Brayan Guedes.

Brayan Guedes, I know him well because he trained for a long time at the boxing club Courtierois, where he was the only professional boxer. He’s a fighter with a fighting spirit, scoring above average on stress tests. He won 48 of 53 fights as an amateur before turning pro in 2019.

Currently, he has a 3-3 record in his super welterweight category, with Kamal Mohamed at Clermont-Ferrand or Johnny at Guérande (at the Atlantic Loire) Belting. Personally I think referees can be discussed in certain losses. But you know, when it comes to boxing, public pressure can influence decisions.Brayan Guedes trains regularly and leaves no stone unturned.

Does Brayan Guedes currently live off his passion?

They have six people in France to make it happen. Our goal is to reach this small group, but we have to take it one step at a time. Personally, I don’t want to throw it into the abyss right away. Going to fights is impossible, especially with guys from the east, for a few euros, easy wins and points.

boxing, commonplace

After Tahiti, is it possible to hold a third conference?

Yes, we would like to be able to invite Hokini Commings to Courpière. We need a travel budget and bonus of around 7,000 euros. This will be an opportunity for amateurs from the Courpierois Boxing Club to take part in the extravaganza. Maybe before the end of the year.

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