portrait. Andrei Micallef, representing son

President of the Monegasque Boxing Association, vice-president of the Monegasque Boxing Federation and recently elected director of the board of the European Boxing Confederation, Andreï Micallef (54) is one of the main figures in the discipline in the Principality. Like his Like his son Hugo Micallef, who accompanied him from the start, contributed greatly to the arrival of the young Monaco champion.

He still trembles. “I said to myself, this is impossible. That day, for the first time in my life, I believed in destiny. » However, he never expected to see his son step into the ring. Not to mention so young. Not to mention that there are so many tendencies.

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“Since the age of seven, Hugo liked me with my father. He begged me to let him do boxing. We were in Wahlberg one day, during a sports festival. There was football, tennis, many disciplines, and then… …boxing ring. » Hugo had only one wish: to be on stage. His opponent is bigger than him. But Hugo didn’t slip away.

Boxing with Micallefs, deep family history

“He gave a performance I rarely saw for a kid who had never boxed. » Before his first fight, Little Blonde had already made his father promise to let him boxing next school year. “I thought he would forgetAndreï Micallef laughed. No, he didn’t forget. So I took him to the ASM Boxe gym. The room I found a few years later. »

In Cuba, we all slept with the locals in the country’s poorest slums

Andrei Mikalev

For Hugo Micallef, boxing is first and foremost a family affair. The overflowing passion stung the father first. “When I was young, I was a musician. But I only had one wish, to box. It was frustrating for my parents. »

Forced to limit his desires in the field of sports so as not to injure his hands, Andreï Micallef has been protecting his body in his youth, concentrating on music and painting. But the passion in him was too strong.

Hugo Micallef, The Promise of the Boxing World, the only son of Andreï Micallef / © Romain Boisaubert / Monaco-Tribune

“My father took me to the World Boxing Championships in Monaco. It was my first real fight. I fell in love with discipline. » Once again, the father cracked — like Andre and Hugo years later — and agreed to put him in boxing. Andre Mikarev amassed a total of 45 matches in his career with 39 victories and the French Vice-Championship title.

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If his career was interrupted several times, especially because of his professional activities – he was a longtime member of the Monaco Police Department in Monaco – Andrei Micalleff never really took it. “The birth of Hugo changed everything, he admitted. A birth brought him back into discipline within him.

Father and Son, from France to Cuba

“However, after I got knocked out in a fight, I realized that boxing was no longer for me. I wanted to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. » After his son, he took him to the four corners of France, even “In Cuba, we sleep with the locals in the poorest slums in the country”Andreï Micallef makes boxing his everyday life.

To the point of returning to the ring one last time. The last time, really? “I promise, yes, it took me a week to recover”, he smiled. That was about ten years ago, against former French boxing champion René Jacques.

Hugo is a boxer standing prominently in the middle, Monaco, blond, with a little smile in the front

Andrei Mikalev

“We met at an event and he offered to fight me. I said to myself, in a discussion, that’s what he said. But no, it’s serious. I haven’t fought in twenty years, but we still Played two rounds. » Under the watchful eye of Hugo Micallef, of course.

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Hugo’s first coach, the first manager of his career, Andrei Micalleff remembers: “Hugo is a boxer who clashes in the middle, a Monegasque with blond blue eyes and someone laughing in the front”.

But the former member of the Monaco police handed over to Hugo Mikarev’s current Spain coach, Carlos Formento, a few years ago. Proud of the father of the Monaco champion who recently became a top pro, a legendary promotion company especially Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson through it.

A deputy director of the Monte-Carlo Casino for more than two decades, Andreï Micallef travels to the Canary Islands to meet his son whenever the weather is good. While he was president of the ASM Boxing Club, which today has 60 licensees, it counted nearly 200 licensees before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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With this dream in my head, I still see Hugo fighting for the world belt in his category (-63kg) in Monaco a few years later, in the ring set in the Plaza de la Casino. “It’s a great idea, isn’t it? »

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