Penn State Men’s Hockey Player Survey 2021-22

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA. — Ever wonder who on the Penn State men’s hockey team has the best taste in music? Who is the funniest? Who is the best at ping pong?

Well, if any of these questions have crossed your mind, you’re about to have them answered.

In the second half of the season, 10 players were selected to talk about their teammates. Ben CopelandJimmy Dowd, Carson Dyck, Tyler Gratton, Kenny Johnson, Xander Lamppa, Connor MacEachern, Chase McLaneLiam Souliere and Kevin Wall each answered 12 questions, from the simplest, such as who has the best hair, to the most complicated, such as who would be their first call in jail.

Welcome to Penn State’s 2021-2022 Men’s Hockey Players Survey.

1. Who on the team has the best style?
Winner: Liam Souliere
Other mentions: Paul De Naples, Carson Dyck, Tyler Gratton, Tyler Packet, Ben Schoenand Kevin Wall

“(Soulière) kind of dresses a little out of the box, but he always makes sure his clothes look good,” Lamppa said.

“He’s just a pretty boy, I don’t know,” Copeland agreed.

Johnson was adamantly against Soulière coming in first as the best dressed and opted to vote for Gratton.

“He’s always right on point, sharp,” Johnson said. “He’s good with the weather. He’s good with knowing what to wear when.”

Soulière himself voted for Gratton.

“He’s very good at dressing up for special occasions,” Soulière commented.

“Waller has good style,” said McLane, the only player who voted for Wall. “Regarding the occasion, I’m not sure, I was thinking more about the style of game day.”

2. Who on the team has the worst style?Winner: Connor MacEachern
Other mentions: Paul De Naples, Jimmy Dowd Jr., Carson Dyck, Kenny Johnson, Simon Mack, Christian Sarloand Ben Schoen

“(MacEachern) looks like a third grader going to school,” Wall said. “It’ll be like red shorts with a green shirt or something crazy.”

“The guy’s going to come out in sandals in the middle of winter,” Johnson added. “Nothing ever matches. He’s going to wear his hat on the side and he just won’t even notice. Or he’s going to have different colored shoes.”

“(Dowd) sometimes wears moccasins in the rink and flip flops when it’s minus 20 degrees. I mean, I do that sometimes (too), but I’m fine wearing it, so it’s okay,” MacEachern said.

MacEachern was voted first worst dressed by a landslide, but Sarlo was the second most popular name raised in response to that question.

“It’s just terrible,” Dowd commented.

“I think he only has one pair of shoes,” Lamppa said.

3. Who on the team has the best taste in music?Winners: Ben Copeland (also self-voted) and Tyler Packet
Other mentions: Kenny Johnson (self-voting), Connor MacEachern (self-voting), Adam Pilewicz and Kevin Wall

“(Paquette) and I have similar musical tastes,” Lamppa said.

“I’m a big rap guy,” Copeland said. “Nobody really likes that on our team, we’re more of a country team type.”

It should be noted that while Copeland and Paquette achieved the best taste in music, they both also received a significant number of votes for having the worst taste in music.

“Me and (Pilewicz) have similar tastes in classic rock or country,” Gratton said. “None of the new rap that came out, because it’s rubbish.”

4. Who on the team has the worst taste in music?
Winner: Adam Pilewicz
Other mentions: Ben Copeland, Carson Dyck and Tyler Packet

“(Pilewicz) overplays too many songs,” Dyck said. “There’s a song called ‘Honey,’ which he absolutely loves and gets over. Every time we all hear it, nobody likes it except him.”

“He likes the complete opposite song that I like,” added Copeland.

“(Paquette) thinks he’s the best,” Johnson said, noting that Paquette’s musical choices give her headaches. “It’s EDM all the time.”

“I don’t think it’s the worst taste, it’s just (Copeland) playing songs over and over until I’m like, ‘I’m tired of hearing this song.’ It was a good song, but now I’m sick of it,” McLane added.

5. Who would be your first prison call?
Winner: Paul De Naples
Other mentions: Danny Dzhaniyev, Chase McLane, Clayton Phillips, Adam PilewiczCoach Sarni (Assistant Sports Coach), Liam Soulière and Kevin Wall

“I don’t even know if I would call anyone on the team,” Johnson said. “This is bad?”

“I feel like (Paul) could find a way to get me out, honestly,” Wall said.

“The last call would probably be Phil (Clayton Phillips), because his phone is always off,” Gratton said. “He never answers a phone call.”

“I was going to say Bergs (Christian Berger), but Bergs couldn’t answer the phone if his life depended on it,” McLane added.

If Johnson ended up behind bars, he would immediately call Athletic Trainer Patrick Sarni over any of your teammates.

“He would be the first to help me,” Johnson added.

6. Who on the team is the funniest?
Winner: Ben Copeland
Runner-up: Connor MacEachern

“(Copeland) is a funny guy,” Wall said.

“He’s just a character. He’s always bouncing off walls, saying just random funny things,” added Lamppa.

“He’s just hilarious. You look at him and think ‘what is he doing?’ Dowd agreed.

“Copeland is kind of funny…he asks us what time practice is when he’s literally on the board in front of us,” MacEachern said. “Just an airhead.”

“The brains (of Copeland and MacEachern) are the size of peanuts … I don’t know what happens up there,” McLane said.

7. Who on the team is the smartest?
Winners: Oskar Autio and Liam Souliere
Other mentions: Christian Berger, Paul De Naples, Kenny Johnson (self-voting), Chase McLane, Connor McMenaminand Adam Pilewicz

“There are some smarties on our team,” MacEachern said.

“I would say Oskar is probably the smartest overall,” Johnson said. “I could put up, but I’ll say Oskar is cool.”

“Wow, this is tough, we actually have some mannequins,” McLane said. “We have some guys who are really smart in the classroom, but if you put them in a scenario that doesn’t involve math, they’re screwed.”

8. Who on the team would you not want to fight?
Winners: Kenny Johnson (also self-voted) and Chase McLane
Other mentions: Danny Dzhaniyev, Tyler Gratton (also self-voted), and Connor MacEachern

“(McLane is) a psychopath,” Wall said.

“(McLane’s) is the last guy who cares about his body getting hurt in these situations. He’s going to fight you to the death,” added Lamppa. “If Claner and Gratts fought, I’d bet my money on Claner.”

“Maybe Kenny because he has 40 pounds on me,” Gratton said.

“I would wash Kenny,” McLane said. “Kenny is a big teddy bear.”

“This could be a battle to the death (if I fought Gratton),” McLane added. “I don’t know (if I would win), Gratts is too strong.”

“(Gratton) doesn’t scare me. Claner? Maybe a little,” MacEachern said.

“Kecks (MacEachern) is also a little crazy,” McLane said. “I don’t know if I would fight him. He’s a bit of a meatball…he’s short but he’s also very stocky, I feel like these guys are kind of hard to deal with.”

“It might be ironic because he’s the smallest, but (Danny) has wrestling experience,” said Dyck, the only player who voted for Dzhaniyev.

9. Who on the team is most likely to become a coach?
Winner: Adam Pilewicz
Other mentions: Oskar Autio, Christian Berger, Paul De Naples, Clayton Phillipsand Liam Soulière (self-voting)

“I feel like even though (Pilewicz) is done with hockey now, he would be a guy who would come back and train somewhere,” Wall said.

“He is already a players coach,” added Lamppa.

“(Autio) knows everything and he’s kind of a hockey geek,” Copeland said.

“I feel like (Berger) knows the fundamentals of the game very well,” McLane said. “He knows our systems very well.”

“Definitely not Kenny Johnson“, Dyck said. “I wouldn’t like him as a coach.”

10. Who is the best at ping pong?
Winner: Xander Lamppa (also self-voted)
Other mentions: Christian Berger, Guy Gadowsky (honorable mention), Kenny Johnson (self-voting), Connor MacEachern (self-voting) and Kevin Wall (self-voting)

“I have to go with myself,” Lamppa said. “Me and Christian play pretty much every day… we play (Guy) all the time.”

“I’m voting for this one and only this one myself,” Wall said.

“Waller is usually on the bottom… he’s not even on the board now,” MacEachern said.

“Yes, I am,” replied Wall.

“People hate playing me because I only play defense,” Johnson said. “Gads is really the best of the whole team.”

11. Who has the best hair?
Winner: Adam Pilewicz
Other mentions: Christian Berger, Ben Copeland, Tyler Gratton, Connor MacEachern (self-voting), Clayton Phillips and Liam Souliere

“Anyone but Doug… is not working,” Wall said.

“(Gratton’s) has a good mop on his head,” added Lamppa.

“Copes has good hair… Souly has a good game in it,” said Wall.

“It’s very thick too,” McLane added of Soulière’s flow.

“Me, probably,” said MacEachern. “My flow, especially on the helmet, looks pretty good.”

12. Who is always late?
Winner: Kenny Johnson (also self-voted)
Runner-up: Jimmy Dowd Jr.

“I like to sleep,” Johnson said.

“He’s always late,” added Wall.

“I don’t know what time (Dowd) runs, but he’s always 20 minutes behind,” McLane said. “He’s not often late for team stuff, but if you have a departure time or something and Jimmy is coming with you and you have to pick him up, he’s going to be late every time.”

And there it is. This season’s player poll.

shout to Carson Dyck for asking some questions, Kenny Johnson to self-vote for five different questions (the most self-votes of all players) and Chase McLane for thinking outside the box with your answers.

Who is the best at ping pong is a question that doesn’t have a clear answer, because almost all players asked the question by their own vote. When asked who was at the top of the leaderboard, either a clear answer was not given or the question was completely ignored (three players said they were all runners-up on the leaderboard, so take that what you want).

Regardless of who is the best on the team in the game, all players agreed that Guy Gadowsky is the best ping pong player in the entire organization. Challenge him to a match at your own risk.

Did any of the winners surprise you? Who would you have guessed for some of the questions?

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