Olivier Véran, boxer at the Parliamentary Cauldron Centre

From one crisis to another. After arriving at the Ministry of Relations with Parliament, Olivier Véran has spent more than two years on the Boulevard Ségur of the Ministry of Health dealing with the covid-19 crisis, he of course Didn’t expect this to happen. “Brothel” and “Mess” can even be said to some MPs. After the parliamentary elections, Emmanuel Macron has only a relative majority. Executives will find themselves having to find most situations, negotiate, text after text. In this historic moment, Olivier Véran, comfortably re-elected deputy for Isère, will find himself at the heart of the cauldron.

‘Overactive’, Olivier Véran starts kickboxing

When we saw him before the first round of legislative elections, the minister came a little late. He just did a kickboxing class. He has been doing it for several months. “I started after the press conference with Castex,” the minister, in a white shirt and dropped jacket, said with a smile. He may one day meet Edward Philip, who is also a boxing fan, in the ring. But for now, coaches are being asked to avoid a blow to the head. Dark circles or broken nose, not suitable for watching TV.

Taekwondo, to be precise, that’s fine. The entourage ensures that nothing is calculated. “He’s always been in sports,” explained a consultant, “as a doctor, he knows the importance of sports. It allows him to focus his energy somewhere. Sometimes it spills over. “He has this kind of motivation. temperament,” said a relative. According to François Patriat, the leader of Macron’s senators, it was even actually a “hyperactivity.” He just spent a little Time to realize this.

Still, he’s prepared to take a hit in the new parliament and deliver some if necessary. “We will have a slightly louder National Assembly. You have to know how to block the blow and keep your breath,” said Olivier Véran. He didn’t know how true what he said.

Olivier Véran confides: “I don’t want to be associated with Covid forever”

For the former socialist, who served as deputy to former minister Geneviève Fioraso, it was a chance to change clothes. And promised, he assured him: “I didn’t roll on the ground” to get the job, as it could have been written. The feature does not seem to be as prominent as health. He wanted to take this opportunity. “It’s a political sector that’s more versatile. I don’t want to be permanently attached to Covid. Then there’s the side of democratic life, which fascinates me,” explained the new minister, adding:

I will show a different face than the doctor. For me, it was the perfect molt. What will cause a lot of discussion is ministry. (Olivier Verland)

In health, he couldn’t devote himself to what he loved to do: politics. “He became a medical minister. He wanted to be a political minister,” explained a relative. “He tells me now that I’m going to do some political activity. That’s what he wants. He is in a key position to have discussions with all groups in parliament and in the Senate,” François Patriat confirmed. Senator LREM added: “Olivier Whelan, he’s already an excellent brain doctor. VSHe will be a great doctor for the souls of MPs”.

He will need “diplomatic, interpersonal skills, talking to opponents”

The Ministry of Parliamentary Relations is an important part of Morocco, the heart of the government apparatus. But the position is often little-known and even thankless. “When the minister is absent, the minister replaces the minister,” said Patrick Kanner, the Socialist Senator’s boss. Today, the position will take on another dimension.

“Inevitably, the circumstances associated with the lack of an absolute majority mean a very different form of the Department of Parliamentary Relations”, stressed Senate Vice Chairman Roger Carucci, who holds the same position as Olivier Whelan in Nicolás under the leadership of La Sarkozy. Like all group and committee chairmen, he met with senators from Haute-Seine. “There you have to like politics, parliament, want to get the message across, but also have diplomatic, relational skills, being able to talk to your opponents, convince, connect with all the groups,” added Roger Karoutchi. In short, “it will be more politically centralized”.

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How to maintain diplomatic relations with the opposition? “We deal with them. That means we accept them, we value them, we listen to them to see if an amendment, an idea can be accepted and passed on to ministers”, Roger Carucci described. “You have to be very present too”.

“Olivier said he had a man in crisis image. Where it would rock, it would be fun to put it there”

His experience in Agnès Buzyn’s place inevitably impressed the man, and he began to replace Agnès Buzyn within a short period of time. “Olivier said he had an image of a crisis man. Where it would sway, it would be interesting to put it there. He has this particularity, on the crisis side, you don’t lose your nerves,” according to a relative . One approach “also benefits from his training as a neurologist”. He knows how to deal with stress. Doctors are trained so that when patients are turned on, they don’t lose money”. And self-control, which he will need in the new council.

The COVID-19 crossing has left some traces. “He’s got a lot of white hair. He’s going to have some points like that to play,” we slipped. At the epicenter of the epidemic, he started meditating through the Xiaozhu app. We can manage the stress, the death toll and the stress that builds up during a health crisis.

‘We greatly admired his psychological resistance, but also physical’ admits Patrick Canner

Despite multiple criticisms, such as the mask incident, today’s opposition itself pays homage to the work. “He’s done the job during the pandemic,” said Patrick Kanner. “He was a very present minister during the pandemic, morning, noon, evening and evening. We also admire his psychological resistance, but also physical resistance. Because it is very difficult,” the socialist praised road. “He is highly respected by the Senate. His words are powerful and reasonable. Unlike Amélie de Montchalin, he took us from a high place…he never did,” thanks François Hollande the former minister.

It is up to the new minister to print his style. “Jean-Marie Le Guen is in it. It’s his trademark. Marc Fesneau is pretty modest. Patrick Kanner says we will have excellent negotiations with Olivier Véran. “He will not be the minister who saves public hospitals,” noted the senator from the North. While Olivier Véran “describes himself as a leftist, I think when we support Emmanuel Macron, we are no longer leftist”, Patrick Kanner redefine.

‘We remember a few bloody cases, but as parliamentary relations minister he won’t be able to afford it’ warns Roger Carucci

In fact, Catherine Deroche, chair of the LR Senate Social Affairs Committee, has practiced a lot. “In the committee, we didn’t give him a gift,” admitted Senator LR from Loire, Maine. “I often criticize him for some form of self-gratification. Everything is well done. He has the answers to everything. There is never any questioning about the action. It could be a grand character”, says Catherine Deroche . She also received her at the Clermont Hotel, home to the Ministry of Health, whose gardens are more charming than the Ministry’s vast impersonal premises. “I told him that we wished Parliament would listen a little more. He repeated to me the huge attachment he had to come to the Senate,” the committee chairman said. Senators, not made to them, expect evidence of love. “In the previous five-year term, the Senate was somewhat shunned. There was a crossover. I’ll wait and see, as long as the interested party stays in this position. Today, anything can happen,” the Senate said. Hervé Marseille, president of the centrist group, pointed out.

During the health crisis debate, Olivier Véran also happened to see red, in stark contrast to the images of self-control we see. “We remember a few strokes of blood”, recalls Roger Carucci, “but as minister of parliamentary relations he won’t be able to afford it”, warned the previous owner of the post. “With 500 hours on the bench, it happens when you sleep four hours a night for 2 years,” an acquaintance said.

Ambition and Meditation

If he mastered his energy and meditated, did he end up hiding the character of a man who was more hurried than he seemed? Ambitious Olivier Whelan? “Who’s not politically? When you’re at a certain level, you’re driven by something. VSPerhaps there is a general hobby. Of course, there is will behind it,” a relative said modestly.

When Edouard Philippe was in Matignon, we gave him the desire to take office. Today’s entourage denies any desire of this type. Without a plan, Olivier Véran might have imagined a fate that he shaped on the left of the macro. He has at times taken iconoclastic stances in his camp, opposing Interior Secretary Gerald Dalmanin on prolonged abortion, end of life, marijuana or the need for a shooting room. Unlike Edward Philippe, or even Bruno Le Maire, who founded his party, Olivier Welland did not intend to create a political stability. Currently, he prefers to reflect on new inequalities or democratic life.

But for now, the minister will have to do a more prosaic way to help Emmanuel Macron find a few votes on the right or left, hoping to pass the bills after negotiations. After arriving at the “MRP”, as the consultants say, Olivier Véran imagines that he can finally take a few almost normal vacations. Last summer, Alexis Kohler, the secretary general of the Elysee Palace, and Emmanuel Macron called and barely made it to his resort. The president asked him to go overseas. Covid-19 is raging in the West Indies. Today, the General Assembly can quickly overheat. Although there is no fire to put out. We just need to avoid implosion… It’s up to Olivier Véran to find a way out of this new crisis.

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