Narbonne: Boxing club’s Maeva Feumi wins French title

The 13-year-old was crowned by the French Educational Boxing Championship standard at Pommeraye last weekend. And Lenny Patrach was discovered by the National Technology Agency. This is an example of what the Narbonne Boxing Club does with young people.

Maeva Feumi, 13, qualified for the Occitanie Championship in Tarbes. She moved to La Pommeraye (Loire, Maine) from April 1-3 to compete in the French Educational Boxing Championship Standard. 100 boxers competed in various categories. 12 committees represented, including Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Brittany, Loire Valley Centre, Grand East, Haute France, Ile de France, Loire , Provence-Alpes Côte d’Ivoire. For Occitania, eight boxers participated in this tournament.

Maeva starts in the quarterfinals. She went against the boxer from Pays de la Loire and won points. In the semi-finals, she faced a competitor from the Ile de France. There was also another win in points. In the final, she battled Bressly Kost du Grand Est for the title. The science of boxing he has asserted earned him the points win. The encounter of the three boxers was technical. They didn’t stop attacking the bout or let their guard down. Together with her trainer, Maeva Feumi developed a good technical and tactical strategy that, despite fatigue with the attack, ultimately paid off.

The young boxer was accompanied by Ghenaim Kacem, head of the Narbonnais Boxing Club. Along with 2019 French deputy champion Amel Fadili, he played a key role in the young boxer’s physical and mental preparation. President Abdelkader Zerifi thanked all coaches and staff. Of course, he wanted to congratulate Maeva. It should be remembered that in the 2019 women’s event, the Narbonne Boxing Club brought home two silver medals along with Anae Marco and Amel Fadili.

Discovered by Lenny Patrach

From March 4 to March 6, 2022, Nabonay boxer Lenny Patrach in the 88kg class participated in the National Testing Course at CREPS in Nancy. The primary goal of the course is to discover new talent to integrate into the French pole in Nancy, but also to feed the youth collective and its French cadets/youth teams. Coupe Occitanie champion boxer Lenny Patrach has been spotted. For the licensees of the Narbonnais Boxing Club, this participation is an added experience.

Club Room in Marseille

On Saturday, March 26, boxing club Narbonnais held an educational boxing club in Marseille with Occitanie winner Rayan Mezouni, Ahmed Zannouti (attack stopped), Yacine El Gadi and Marwane El Gadi. Undecided attack. Educational Assault Boxing is a form of practice open to anyone over the age of 6. It differs from amateur and professional boxing in two basic requirements: not harming opponents and being punished for any violent act.

Two Occitanie titles

The Narbonnais Boxing Club has had nine fighters in the Occitanie Championship. Results: Maeva Feumi winner Occitanie; Anis El Mouhajir winner Occitanie; Fares Alami junior vice-champion Occitanie; Marwane El Gadi junior vice-champion Occitanie; Kalvin Matas vice-champion Occitanie; Louis Bardiere junior vice-champion Occitanie; Rayan Mezouni junior vice-champion Occitanie; Ellias Ghenaim ellias and Yacine El Gadi yacine will finish third in the Occitanie Championship.

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