Moreno Fendero – Boxing Chartres, going to ring for divorce

His face is in the foreground on posters of the Chartres gala plastered all over the city. But French amateur super middleweight double champion and homegrown star Moreno Findero should not be in the ring on June 25 at Jean-Cochet Hall.

High quality French crowned champion Moreno Findero is ring boss

Ten days before the Mediterranean Games, in Oran (Algeria), it was not his lack of desire, announced the resident of Insep and a member of the French team. “Charles is my city. I’ve boxed around the world since 2016, but not here anymore. I know the fans are waiting for this moment. I’m ready to put on my gloves, and even if not, I’ll fill in The room was full. But they didn’t even call me and couldn’t put things away.»

I don’t exactly blame it on other parties. There are misunderstandings on both sides. But there has been no conversation since then.

The “they” that Moreno Findero referred to were the leaders of Chartres boxing, including Jean-Louis Benalab, a president who looked bewildered. “It’s sad. I didn’t even know Moreno didn’t want to fight. He messaged me that he absolutely wanted to fight here. We met two weeks ago and he didn’t say anything to me. I don’t understand. But, We can do without him if necessary. »

Moreno Fendero thinks he knows what’s causing the chaos. “Through Chartres, I signed an agreement when I returned in September. But the club didn’t pay me as planned and terminated the conference in December. I don’t fully blame the other parties. Both sides have Misunderstanding. But there has been no dialogue since then. We tried to find a solution, but Jean-Louis Benarab was reluctant to discuss…”

Back to Besancon?

The president of the Chartres Boxing Association has no objection to the abolition of the convention. On the other hand, he contested the inadmissible request. “For the first time, in 2017, Moreno left without saying goodbye. We accepted his return, with conditions. They were not respected. But that’s another issue. Since then, Moreno and others have been The licensor, like the licensor, keeps coming here. I spoke again this week with his coach at the club, Foday Gary. We talked about having a mini-meeting with Moreno to see what’s possible with him next season. Of course, Conversation is always there and still possible. »

High quality Chartrain Moreno Fendero released in European Championship round of 16

Although the door was open, it seemed that the point of no return had been reached. Moreno Fendero is adamant about not attending the June 25 gala, not planning to continue his adventure with the Chartres boxing team, and has not ruled out leaving the division. “I am attached to Chartres. But my family is in Besançon. Why not go back there, which calls into question the role that the Provincial Assembly entrusted me with as ambassador for sports at Eure-et-Loir. »

The results are still inconclusive. But he’s one of the best amateurs in France, a boxer who might be in the Paris Olympics in two years, “28” might lose…

Rethinking the board
Two quarterfinals at the Critérium espoir scheduled for Saturday, June 25 in Chartres fell into the water as one boxer was injured and another became ill. But Jean-Louis Benarabe, president of the organizing club Chartres Boxing Club, is still planning two professional boxing matches at the Jean-Cochet Hall. Former French youth champion Jérémy Dupetitmagneux (6V, 1D) from Châteauneuf-sur-Loire should be one of the two opponents. The menu will be completed by the elite interregional center – Loire Valley – Brittany, especially the local Tristan Brian. There should be a dozen amateur games in the evening.

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