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The Duchess of Sussex’s podcast series will focus on women’s labels and stereotypes. In the podcast series, Meghan will speak to historians, experts and women who have experienced being stereotyped. She released a promo for the series in which she appears to drop a “Taylor Swift easter egg” as a possible clue about upcoming guests. Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito, presenters of the podcast obsessed with royalty, discussed Meghan’s podcast in its latest episode, released on Thursday. The hosts made some predictions for the guests of the Meghan Archetypes series.

No official release date has been announced, but it should be released “this summer”.

Speaking on their podcast, Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito share that we already “have predictions about who might be on it.”

When Roberta asks Rachel if she has any guesses, Rachel said, “I mean, all I can think of is Meghan’s Rolodex.”

“She’s had so many wonderful conversations with so many amazing women, like, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oprah joined in.”

Roberta noted how even fans of American singer Taylor Swift were quick to spot an “Easter egg” in Meghan’s promotion.

Fans of the singer pointed out that Meghan says “very well” in the promo. This is the title of a Taylor Swift song and fans have speculated that it could indicate a future appearance in Archetypes.

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Roberta concludes by pointing out that Taylor Swift “has had a lot of experience with these stereotypical narratives that Meghan mentions”, so her guest appearance “would be interesting”.

Spotify has announced the first podcast series in partnership with Archwell Audio, a company owned by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

According to the announcement, in the series, Meghan will “investigate the labels that try to hold women back.”

The podcast series will feature conversations with women and experts on how these typecasts shape narratives, according to Spotify.

In a teaser released for the show, Meghan said: “This is how we talk about women: the words that create our girls and how the media reflects women back to us…but where do these stereotypes come from?

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“And how do they keep showing up and defining our lives?”

And she added: “This is Archetypes – the podcast where we dissect, explore and subvert the labels that try to stop women.

“I’m going to talk to women who know all too well how these typecasts shape our narratives.

“And I’m going to talk to historians to understand how we got here in the first place.”

A royal commentator said the new Spotify podcast initially included Prince Harry as well.


Speaking in one of last month’s episodes of Us Weekly’s Royally US, co-host Christine Ross pointed out Harry’s absence from the project.

“They didn’t mention Prince Harry and I think he was initially involved in the project.

“I believe it’s to highlight strong female voices, so it makes sense if Meghan leads this project.”

In February 2021, it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan had made the decision to “resign” permanently as active royals.

The couple currently resides in the US with their two children Archie and Lilibet.

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