Mathis Vegas (French super bantamweight boxing champion): “Stay No. 1”

Tarbes boxer Mathis Vegas (22, 8 professional fights, 8 victories) defended his French Super-Coqs title at Grand-Synthe North on Friday night (8pm) against Thomas Barbier (38) challenge).), named in 2019.

Mathis Vegas, you are already obligated to defend your hard-earned title last November…

Yes, Friday at Grand-Synthe. It was an emotionally charged memory as my team was from CSCA Bercheny (boxing club of the 1st Parachute Hussars in Tarbais) and Noble Art Tarbais and we trained hard. There, we were more prepared because maintaining the French title’s belt is usually more complicated because you have to defend it every three months to stay No. 1.

What are your memories of coronation night?

It was awesome, especially doing it at Tubbs in front of my audience. For the first time since I became the first professional boxer of French champion Tarbes. what a hot! The penetration of the public, a great team of my father, a great entourage, both by people who knew me and my family, and my brother Merrill carried me on his shoulders with the championship belt.

Did the French professional title change your life?

No (laughs). Nothing special, just now I’m the number one super cock in France. In the world rankings, I rose to 200th out of 1200. So, I’m getting closer to the top level in the world. Now, I have to confirm by keeping the belt and after that, I will have the opportunity to play in the European Championships and the World Championships.

Friday night will be your first game after winning the championship. How did you prepare?

Yes, I haven’t fought a war since November. I gave myself a week off with my family and then resumed training to get ready. After that, I did not box very often, which is still a shame. That’s it, I’ll deal with it. But my brother Meryl (22-5) recently won a pro game (read our April 5 edition) and we worked hard. I also played against professionals from the big Boxoum club in Toulouse. I trained with heavier fighters to make me work more, with two good fighters taking turns in 10 rounds. Just like that, I got a lot out of my cardio!

You’re well-prepared for a duel (10 rounds of 3 minutes) against Thomas Barbier, an unknown opponent in the industry.

I know he’s a tough guy with a lot of experience because he has 30 career games and I only have 8 games. This will be an experience faced by young people!

You will turn it on at night and it will change the Tarbes you have from turning it off. And the fact of boxing outside, will it be extra pressure?

Yes, this time I tee off because I’m the lightest, so I’ll tee off first. After that, the fact of boxing outside, that doesn’t change anything. I got used to it when I was in the French team, we even went to Italy to fight. In my city, I’ll work harder when Tabu brings back the belt for my daughter, my wife, and my friends.

Do you put it anywhere other than your French championship belt?

she is in 1Uh RHP, since it started at the Legion Club in Bercheny, I wanted to keep my first belt there. But, on the other hand, the second one will stay at home!

Mathis Vegas-Thomas Barbier’s fight for the French super-bantamweight title will air this Friday at 8pm on Fight Nation.

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