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A note from Marie-Hélène Verdier

We remember the famous quote from the presidential debate: “You have no monopoly of the mind. » or “So, allow me to call you, Mister Mitterrand!” » So, who doesn’t remember the blinking eyes of the candidate on the left? Not this time. What a frustrating debate this presidential bullfight is without ears or tails! Not that Marine Le Pen is unworthy, far from it, but in a political fight you have to fight hard, kick kick. However, she was on her side: “Father, you have to stand on the right! Father, stay on the left! There was no fatal blow, no murderous aura that let the opponent shake and go down in history.

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Mathieu Bock-Coté spoke perfectly to Cnews yesterday, as the fourth force represented by the media almost imposed votes and dominated the debate through opinion polls: stage, questions, timing. Talk time, measured with a teleprompter, is a reporter’s obsession. The day before yesterday, aside from the credits, which initially covered Marine Le Pen’s voice, there was nothing solemn about a presidential debate, but rather boredom. It took 11.30 hours to deal with the main issues affecting France, just for “purchasing power”. Gilles Bouleau and Léa Salamé look at the teleprompter. The president, with his arms crossed, buried in his chair or chin on his back, eager to solve the problem, looked condescendingly or nonchalantly at Marine Le Pen. In doing so, he discredited his opponent. However, as a straight stone, she maintains her attire and is careful not to become aggressive on the scene.

But if Marine Le Pen isn’t unworthy, she still fails to play to her strengths and dominate on certain issues.we remember pointing back “I, President” Who suffocates the opponent. Mr. Macron, let’s talk about your balance sheet! A new five-year term? do what? If we ban the veil, you’re saying it’s a civil war? But it already exists in many communities, Civil War! You know very well, Mr. Macron! Alas, at half past nine, the veil on the statue of the commander-in-chief was lifted.

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The bottom line: If we decide to not discuss fundamental issues until very late, we also decide not to mention life-and-death issues known as “social issues” under any circumstances. So the outgoing president announced in his final message to the French (to entice lobbyists) that the great cause of his five-year term would be… children! Let’s be clear: after PMA, we must fear surrogacy and euthanasia for all. While on these issues the two candidates are clearly opposed, no one ever mentions these “values” that underlie our common life and guarantee our unity. The biggest loser in this duel was France.

The day after the bout, the presidential candidate was on camera for a boxing match with residents of Saint-Denis. He took the opportunity to encourage opposition to the “extreme right”. He was careful not to say anything during the debate. As for him, he is right to prepare for the matches that await him, in case he is elected. Because the wind is not good, it blows everywhere.

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