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Former champion Joseph Parker is expected to fight in the UK this autumn and has called on British heavyweights Dillian White and Joe Joyce.

It’s part of a three-step plan to win the heavyweight title again after signing a new promotional deal with BOXXER.

“I believe with all my heart that I can be a world champion again. I know there are a lot of supporters, I know there are a lot of doubters, but I don’t care. I want to go out and give it my all,” Parker said. sky sports.

“I’m going to be out there fighting any heavyweight, whoever it is. I want to fight the biggest, worst heavyweight because I know that when I have a good training camp and my mind is focused on the fight I what can be done. »

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Parker has played against White before, but is convinced he can avenge the loss. “Dillian White was another great game, he just lost to Tyson Fury, but we played really well in 2018, a very interesting game, a very close game. If we put the Bring him back and I’ll beat him,” Parker said.

“Dillian White has been knocked down a few times now, but that doesn’t mean he’s got a weak jaw, it just means that the guy who fought him got some really good, well-timed punches, precise throws. Fist. »

This is what New Zealanders intend to do. “I know I can hit anybody, I just need to hit that punch. I know I haven’t shown it lately, but it will come when I start getting big,” he said.

He included tough Londoner Joe Joyce in the category. “He wavered a few times and said if I did everything right in training camp, do my best to prepare and do the right thing, [I can]. I know there is more to give and more to show.I just need more time with Andy Lee [Parker’s trainer]I need more time in the UK for these jobs,” Parker said. “I can do business with Joe Joyce. »

This is the battle currently being discussed. “It’s a fight that’s still possible, Joe Joyce’s fight. I know Ben Shalom [Parker’s new promoter] There are talks going on with Frank Warren and his team and Joe Joyce and his team, so it’s a battle we can fight. »

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Ben Shalom confirms Boxxer has signed long-term deals with Joseph Parker and Sky Sports

Joyce is an attractive match on its own, but beating him would make Parker a must for the WBO title belt held by Oleksandr Usyk.

Parker trains with Andy Lee at heavyweight leader Tyson Fury’s camp. But if White backs out of his challenge to Fury in April, Parker will step in. Tyson put him on the bench.

“During training camp, when he talked about it, I was always ready,” Parker explained. “See how it works, see how it moves. If White doesn’t show up, I’ll have the opportunity to fight for the world title and get paid handsomely. I get paid to be ready, so he goes both ways take care of me. ”

Parker also expects Fury’s retirement to be short-lived. “When you’re a world champion, when you’re at the pinnacle of your game, it’s hard to leave the sport because you know you can still give more,” Parker explained.

“It’s going to take a lot of money to get him back in the ring and in the ring and fighting. I don’t think he should retire. I don’t think he should fight the winner [Anthony] Joshua and [Oleksandr] Usyk and the winner are the best in the world right now, so he should come back and fight the winner. »

Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker determined to be heavyweight champion again

He thought it would be the rage of the knockout, against one of them. “They were both great fighters, Joshua and Usyk, I just saw Tyson was too much for them. Everyone would say I was biased because I trained with Tyson and we were very close. If I step back as a friend and think about boxing, he’s too much, able to press, able to fight on the back foot, very good movement,” Joseph said. “If he gets a chance to fight one of them, I think he’ll knock them out. »

Despite his friendship with Fury, he is determined to return to the top on his own. “Becoming a world champion was one of my goals and I achieved it thanks to everyone who helped me get there. But this time I want to be a champion and I’m doing it for myself and my family,” he said. Say. “I feel a lot more passion and motivation than I used to be.

“I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen next, but I count two or three games and then I can play again. »

“I can’t wait to come back and play my best game, I can’t wait to get back to England,” added Parker. “The fans there are the best I’ve ever seen.

“September, October, we’ll have something coming soon. »

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