Hunter-Spivey Showcases His Class at Showcase Finals

Jack Hunter-Spivey won the class finals 3-5 in straight sets, beating Dan Bullen, who referees at the Nationals.

A bronze medalist at the Tokyo Paralympics, Hunter-Spivey made an excellent start with some wicked serves, besting Bullen. Despite Bullen finding some good angles, Hunter-Spivey won six in a row to take the first set 11-3.

The second set saw Hunter-Spivey make an outrageous shot. The southpaw waited for the ball to drop and then caught it, bouncing once into Bullen’s side, spinning backwards, giving him no chance. Hunter-Spivey was comfortable, using the same trick to take the set at 11-7.

The third set was much closer, but it was too late for Bullen. He made a good comeback from 5-2 to 6-6, with Hunter-Spivey being more defensive. However, a few cracked shots saw Hunter-Spivey claim the title on his second match point. The final score, 11-3, 11-7, 11-7.

After the match, Hunter-Spivey said: “I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved, we keep pushing each other.

“It’s a great motivation to have Dan and I striving to improve every day.”

Bullen said: “I’m proud of how I played, I’m getting close to beating him.”

Ross Wilson triumphed in the final of the class 7-10 in the national championship, beating junior doctor Kim Daybell in four sets.

Wilson took the first set, using the angles well to pump the ball into the southpaw’s backhand, taking 11-7 on his first set-point. Daybell started the second set better, winning 3-0. However, Wilson picked up six straight points to put him in a good position. Despite a nice shot from the left, Wilson played the big points better to claim 11-6.

Daybell fought well in the third set, playing more consistently. Wilson made a few more mistakes, which allowed Daybell to win, winning on his third set point, 11-9. Wilson wasn’t going to let that stop him, breaking into the lead early in the fourth set and eventually clinching the title on his fourth match point, 11-9. The final score, 11-7, 11-6, 9-11, 11-9.

After the win, Ross said: “It’s a great feeling to come back to win again. The plan is to defend my title at the Commonwealth Games, it will be great to have a home crowd.”

Kim said: “It’s always great to play Ross. I think table tennis was a relief for me as I have been working in the Covid wing and A&E. At one point, I almost decided to hang up my baton, but it’s good to be back here. ”

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