How to Get Over a Breakup, as told by Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and more

The one thought I can’t shake is probably the most common: I gave you everything and you weren’t worth it. If you’ve recently lost a friendship, situation, relationship, or something beyond categorization, it tends to leave a void in you. Even if the end of your time together was the best, that doesn’t stop you from feeling the pain that comes with something that meant so much to you coming to an end. You may not leave your room for a few days; you can have a glass of ice cream under some fairy lights; you can hit some taillights (I won’t tell); you can cover a cake to read “Goodbye idiot”; you can take refuge in music. You can do all these things and more, which ends up creating a pretty busy schedule after you’re done. You may not have the time or energy to create your own breakup playlist from scratch, so here I present my own tried and true breakup soundtrack to guide you from the broken heart and decimated to living your best life without them.

“Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles

You may be separated now, or you are only now realizing that it is time to break up. This melancholy song by Harry Styles chronicles the moment of realization: the two of you may have had something special, but your relationship is just a shadow of its former glory now. You’ve changed, and that’s okay, but soon enough, you’ll realize it’s time to stop resurrecting the relationship and call him.

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