How is Marita Monteleone today, the historic “telephone voice” who changed her life and lost 74 kilos

The requested number does not correspond to a subscriber in service”. “The marked resource is temporarily congested. Shut down and try again in a few minutes. Thank you very much”, these were the recordings we heard in the failed telephone communications. The voice that spoke to us for years was that of Marita Monteleone. And although Entel no longer exists, those messages have not been forgotten.

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The announcer, with a long career in radio, had a beautiful figure, as well as a wonderful voice. But life hit her and impacted her health. When her daughter’s father died, the pain was great. Although she was already divorced from Roberto de los Ríos, she entered a path of grief and weight gain that led to obesity.

Marita Monteleone weighed 164 kilos be practically immobilized. She had barely taken a few steps when she realized she had to make a big change in her lifestyle. The decision took shape a little before the start of the quarantine, but the pandemic did not stop her from reinventing herself.

Marita Monteleone, the woman who voiced the “requested number does not correspond to a subscriber in service” (Photo: Marita Monteleone).

Together with his kinesiologist he started to walk slowly. She’s first done one block, then two, three, and progressed to the present, which finds her walking about 80 blocks and even daring to run. She not only changed her routine of activities, He also changed his diet. Today renewed, attended TN show to respond to Ping-pong. Luckily, “the subscriber was up and running.”

Marita Monteleone, the historic

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A radio: Radio AM 950 Argentina

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A book: “Fishing is pure history”, by Wilmar Merino

A social network: Instagram

Marita Monteleone, the historic

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A drink: Red wine

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Marita Monteleone, the historic

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Marita Monteleone, the historic

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Marita Monteleone, the historic

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