How Bivol brought down King Canelo with a superb performance

Unified super middleweight champion and considered by many to be the best boxer in all categories, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took on WBA light heavyweight champion Russian Dmitry Bivol in an XXL challenge last weekend in Las Vegas. The Mexican superstar missed a challenge as it ended in a unanimous decision defeat. The RMC Fight Club reports on this superb performance that rocked the aristocratic art world.

Champions are not favorites of bookmakers. But many observers’ declared victims have thwarted predictions. The WBA light heavyweight champion, who has now defended his title eight times since the end of 2017, Dmitry Bivol this Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas by taking a stab at the Mexican superstar El “Canelo” Alvarez’s second loss to keep his belt. After his 2013 fight against Floyd Mayweather, his career.

A superb performance built on an efficient jab, both offensively and defensively, a 1-2 combo to hit the target, the ability to know how to accelerate/brake when necessary and the ability to shut the other down with his huge defensive qualities (he is in His opponents shot 12.7% in his career, for example, Shakur Stevenson is 13.9%, the unifying champion of the super badminton star touted for his defense).

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This Saturday, the Russian fighter wasn’t just bigger than his opponent. His overall boxing performance is also stronger. Conversely, Canelo seemed to lack solutions, was clearly frustrated and unable to fit in knowing what to do, and didn’t exhibit his usual level of defense, with foot and chest movements far from his best standards. , is undoubtedly hindered by the expansion of Bivol.

His willingness to smack the latter arm to eliminate his jab, as he successfully beat Callum Smith in late 2020, won’t work either. “No excuses, the best wins,” he admitted after the game…even if he also said he thought he won. And continue to polish the brush by myself (properly): “I stepped out of my comfort zone and fought at a weight that wasn’t mine and had no shame. I looked for challenges that others would dare not take. , so as not to lose the risk.”

Dmitri Bivol (background) faces Canelo Alvarez in the WBA light heavyweight title fight in May 2022
Dmitry Bivol (background) battles Canelo Alvarez for the WBA light heavyweight title in May 2022 © AFP

In search of a second light heavyweight title after the WBO version defeated the aging Sergey Kovalev in late 2019, the unified champion with four super middleweight belts this time is undefeated with Bivol and in his top of the game. That didn’t detract from the Mexican’s achievement of being crowned in the four categories, and the great achievement of facing four undefeated world champions since the search for such a historic goal began in December 2020 (only one former champion has been in the super-middle volume). The two-time light heavyweight champion, the famous Tommy Hearns, is taller, longer, and more powerful).

The judges in Las Vegas won’t be so happy, they’ve outscored Canelo more than he deserved with a 115-113 three-card advantage in the past – so if Bivol doesn’t win, it’ll be a draw. – When he’s totally dominated and probably shouldn’t have more than three rounds in his favor. The three judges even gave the Mexicans a 4-0 win after four rounds, which is absolutely heretical, so in the eyes of many aristocratic art lovers, it doesn’t help Canelo.

So what happens next?Mexican, he will lose first place genuine (sum of all categories) For many observers after this defeat, given the challenges ahead of him, we can make the opposite argument that his old rival Gennady Golovkin should be found in the trilogy – A draw in 2017, a points win for Canelo in 2018, two contested results – in a win over Bivor next September. “I ruined your plans, Eddie,” the Russian smiled and shouted Eddie Hearn, the owner of Matchroom Boxing and the mastermind behind the two-fight deal with the Mexican superstar.

Canelo immediately warned that he intends to activate a rematch clause against the second man who beat him: “We’re not going to stop there. I’m competitive, I’ve got many years left, and I’ll be stronger with a stronger Way back. We want revenge, and we’ll do better with this revenge.” We can count on him and his coach, Eddie Reynolds. Probably not focused enough on his mission, like these statements this week when he mentioned his desire to challenge…heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk (Saturday’s fight had to take him from this crazy Vaccination in the idea), Canelo will undoubtedly be a tougher opponent when they reunite for Bivol.

Dmitry Bivol ahead of his WBA light heavyweight title fight with Canelo Alvarez in May 2022
Dmitri Bivor before his fight against Canelo Alvarez for the WBA light heavyweight title in May 2022 © AFP

But with this loss, seeing him back at super middleweight, the category he feels the best in, also makes you very eager: with Golovkin (planned) or David Benavidez ) for his four belts, even Jermall Charlo. The means, now seem more intriguing. Bivor, he did not refuse to take revenge on Canelo. But someone who knows not to let tournament pressure catch up to him rightfully wants “better treatment” (he goes against tradition by first entering the ring and then not offering promotion, he’s a champion and can’t really trade his wallet).

He even offered to be relegated to super middleweight to challenge the Mexican’s four belts in that category, which is the equivalent of a burglar coming to your house and you stealing him from his house before you leave. With his effective sense of humor and explosive popularity in one night (his Instagram followers tripled), Bivol jumped on the bandwagon, taking over a Canelo he knew he could beat and could get a very big check. Correct rematch.

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But for him, there’s another battle that everyone in the industry will envy: a bitter clash with compatriot Artur Beterbiev, the WBC-IBF champion favorite to take the WBO belt at Joe Smith Jr. in New York on June 18 Added to his collection to unify the four titles in the category. Will Bivol know how to avoid Beterbiev’s power in twelve rounds? We hope to get answers as soon as possible to designate the best light heavyweight on the planet. The only certainty since Saturday: His name is not Canelo Alvarez.

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