French Boxing: Five strikers from Blavozy at Bulgaria World Open

Last weekend, five fighters from Blavozy Boxe Française attended the French Boxing World Open in Bulgaria: Elisa ALLEMAND of F52, already defending champion in Belgium in 2018, Noémie LEVEQUE F 60, Simon BOUYER M80, Faris OUAJIH M56 and Johnny GIE M65.

This Bulgarian World Open brings together more than a dozen countries such as Cameroon, Italy, Iran, Romania, Serbia, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan or Uzbekistan…

Johnny Gee Facing two opponents, an Iranian and an Uzbek. He starts against Benyamin VAHDATI (Iran). The attack was called off because the Iranians were on standby. As soon as Johnny entered the door, he backed away, caught up with him, and left. Benyamin was explosive and technical, and although Johnny got him back on his feet, it wasn’t enough to convince the referee that he lost the offense, but he was happy with the experience. In the second time he met Jahangir Rashidov (Uzbekistan), the attack was completely different and there was no communication between the two strikers. Yet Blavozien tried to frame it with his feet or fists, and Uzbekistan refused to exchange. Indeed, when Johnny moved away from the pursuer, he touched him once and then walked away, an attack that was hard to control and hard to explain. Such behavior would suit the judges, as Jahangir won in two out of three cases with little to no note. Besides, he will defeat the Iranians in the same way. On Sunday, Johnny will meet a Frenchman, Jean Christophe BERTHET from CORBEIL-ESSONNES (91), who is higher than our shooter for boxing fun. In the end, Blavozien will express his communication without chasing and possessing high-quality acceleration and technology. But Jean-Christophe is also a very good technician, and his attack is done well, better than the Haute-Loire striker who was a little tired the day before. A well-deserved victory belongs to Jean Christophe. Johnny finished third at the World Open on the podium.

Simon Bowyer Against French Hugo Lopes from CORBEIL-ESSONNES (91), Alexandru CIUREA (Romania), Pharelle Wilson Akouan (Cameroon). The draw hoped that he would meet the French first. Simon was injured in the brace from the start of the attack, he sprained his ankle. And he also used great courage to defeat Hugo, who was very good in boxing, and successfully played three rounds. Blavozy’s shooter is good with his feet and has some good technique and good punches. It will have a small effect on keys in feet. Simon is the majority winner. He won’t be able to continue this World Open adventure, his ankle will stop him. Therefore, he was tied with the Romanian in the final move.

Noemie LEVEQUEIn her first year of competition, she found herself facing Sarah JADOT, Kamilla ZAEDINOVA (Uzbekistan), Aysu DEVRISHOVA (AZERBAÏDJAN) from CORBEIL-ESSONNES (91). She fired first at excellent shooter Camilla, but instead of losing focus, Noemi spread her punches. Because of her technique and precision, Blavozienne doesn’t let go and keeps the pressure on until the end. She logically won her attack. The second game will be against Sarah, a very good French technician. Noémie was hindered by the adductor muscles and was unable to complete all his footwork. In this very tense attack, it made an impact, the pressure that Noémie normally applies was not there. Sarah’s attack hits high, so Bravozian fails on a very high-level attack. The final attack will take place at the end of Sunday. Despite the endless wait, she was adamant against a primitive boxer carrying out the attack. Indeed, Aysu has already been disqualified from the competition for being too aggressive. Sure enough, it goes into force attack, which is forbidden. Noémie managed the Azerbaijani’s shot well. Once Aysu makes her fist, our shooter works in a fist-to-foot fashion, and if she lifts her foot, Noémie blocks and counterattacks with great speed. Aysu was disqualified at the end of the second round after the referee asked for a three-point warning for hitting too hard on the offense. Noémie placed second at the World Open.

Faris VargeAlso in his first year competing, he has only one fencer in his weight category. He fought against Todor PETROV (Bulgaria). The attack leaves unobserved, Faris accelerates and its very fast keys disturb Todor, who moves back and closes. The referee asked for a warning that the blow was too big for Farris, which worked. Blavozien didn’t lower his level because fast doesn’t mean strong. And when Faris didn’t back his shot, the referee called for a warning to everyone. The judge confirmed Todo’s claims. At the end of the first quarter, still being overtaken by Bravozien’s speed, the referee asked for a warning and confirmation again. There were two warnings in the first round, and the tactics were already different. Faris has to press four or five keys and springs to start over. It works. The second revival is mostly for Bravozien. The Bulgarian, moved in his ego, took the stage in the final round. He received a second warning. Our shooter ran to the end and won his attack. He is also a World Open champion. With no more attacks, the club coach accepted a swap for a 6kg French striker the next day to allow them to each make a second attack. In fact, Nathan BERTHET from CORBEIL-ESSONNES (91) is in the M65 category. A huge challenge for shooters. In this technical offensive, with a bit of support, Faris did a pretty good job. He handled Nathan’s punches well, but since Nathan was so much taller, he struggled to find the distance in feet. With this difference, Nathan kept all his attacks and won a two-judge-vs-one victory. This proves that Blavozien is well prepared for the future.

Elisa GermanHaving already won the Belgian World Open in 2018, she is delighted to be on the international circuit again. His hens are bred with two Bulgarians, Lora LAZAROVA and Stefani PESHEVA, and the Romanian Ana Gabriela STANCU. She started firing at Lola, and Bravozian immediately went into the attack. Elisa, with no room to improvise, started the chase, pushing Lora back. Our shooters hit Bulgarians from all heights with punches and kicks. In the second and third rounds are the recitals of the French boxing match we are witnessing. Lola was helpless and Bravozian won her attack. The second game will be against Stephanie, another Bulgarian. Her punches are much thicker than Lora’s, but that’s just going to swell our already stressed shooter. After receiving knee to rib, Elisa quickly recovered and started again. The Bulgarians have been on the defensive for three rounds and have seen Blavozienne win without appeal. On Sunday, she shot Romanian Ana Gabriela. The massive swing this time made the attack choppy. This doesn’t destabilize the focused shooter. Even though she didn’t develop her own sequence because of the referee’s intervention, she could still hit all the heights and get a lot of points. Elisa’s stamina and dynamism played a big role against Ana Gabriela, who was trying to take first place in this Open. Elisa won her offense and won the World Open for the second time.


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