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Frazer Clarke says his rise in the professional ranks has forced him to be more selfish in his pursuit of notoriety, putting the interests of others first as captain of the British boxing team.

Since signing with Boxxer in December, the Olympic bronze medalist is 1-0 out of Amir Khan-Kell Brook’s grudge match after beating Jake Darnel in the first-round knockout.

Clark was due to face Spaniard Gabriel Engma on March 26, his second retirement after having to undergo surgery on a hand injury.

The ill-timed delay was an early glimpse into the nature of the professional stage and only fueled Clark’s desire to express himself on the big stage.

“It’s a business, and boxing is a business in professional competition,” Clark said. sky sports“I had all this fun in the amateurs as captain, as a team manager, and now I have to be selfish, think about myself, be brutal.

“I know what I want, these are titles and I want success to secure my future, the future of my family. I want to be a superstar.

“I’m not here to play, I’m here to take over. As cliché as it sounds, you watch Tyson Fury at Wembley, Joshua has been there and I want to emulate them.”

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Boxer Fraser Clark shares how his experience as a security guard before turning pro has benefited him in the ring.

Clark wanted to fight for a championship chance in boxing, he wanted to talk about boxing, he wanted to be boxing for the rest of his life.

While he is recovering from surgery, the 30-year-old has regularly featured as a specialist on Sky Sports’ Boxxer show, giving him the chance to work with a man he hopes will rival his achievements in the ring and outside.

“People will laugh at this, but I’m 100 percent serious,” Clark said. “When people ask me how I want my career to develop, I don’t mind being Johnny Nelson.

“I would love to box my entire career and then box for Sky for the rest of my life. It’s my passion, it’s my love, it’s not even a job for me, going around the world Talk about boxing.

“I want to be the next Johnny Nelson. It’s my job outside the gym, the way I talk, the way I show.

Nelson retired in 2006 with a 45-12-2 record as the longest-reigning world heavyweight champion in boxing history before joining the Sky Sports Boxing team.

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Fraser Clark is poised to make his debut on Saturday’s hole card to see some of the best performances from the British Olympians.

There are so many opportunities at the professional level that Clarke recently found himself at a dinner party with the likes of three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis and American great Larry Holmes.

For Clark, it was another great opportunity to live out boxing while also taking in advice he could implement for his own development.

“I try to use more of their mentality, how they do things at some point,” he explained. “All these people have their own talents, but that’s the mentality.

“I talked to Lennox Lewis about how he came into the ring and he seemed to be focused all the time.

“He said he had a transformation and he would go from Lennox Lewis to this beast who wanted to win. You take that into account.”

Clark hopes to return to the ring in July and believes the training restrictions imposed by his injured right hand have ultimately made him a more accomplished fighter.

“We really fit,” Clark said. “Angel (Coach Angel Fernandez) really changed everything for me. He went above and beyond that, the training he did was just the main hand, footwork training, very specific stuff. We improved what we could improve, a lot something of power.

“Even without using the right hand, boxing is so much more than the right hand. We went in circles. I felt strong, I felt fit.

“For the past eight weeks, I think I’ve become a better fighter after this injury. Really. I think I’ve become a better fighter mentally and physically.

“Returning to full fitness is the first thing, and then rebuilding the momentum, which will happen after the debut. So I think we’ll hopefully be back in July and then it’s going to be very busy at the end of the year.”

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