Former prisoner and boxing champion who became a hero by stopping plane hijacking

Tarik Sahibeddine prevents the hijacking of a plane on a Munich-Paris flight in August 2018. (©Tarik Sahibeddine)

“My life is a movie!”, smile Tariq Sahibedin. A 51-year-old feature film in a Hollywood script that culminates on August 24, 2018, at Lufthansa aircraft who to contact Munich – Paris.

That afternoon,former professional boxer Take control of the unbalancer who is trying to hijack the device. The next day, Mr. Clean made the front pages of the international media with his unkempt beard and hairstyle. From Russia to China, through Argentina, and of course Germany and France.

The snub to this child from the Cité Barthez of Gradignan, close to Bordeaux (Gironde), after bottoming out twenty years ago, when he Imprisoned in prison center Behaviour at age 25 drug trafficking.

racism, childhood trauma

Before considering a film about his story, Tarik Sahibeddine just released a book titled in the right wayreleased in May 2022, with Frédéric Leterreux, tells the story of the son of a Moroccan immigrant, sometimes a victim of racism, sometimes a cannabis dealer, always Desire for success and integration.

“I have suffered from racism. I feel left out. But when you start slapping, you find your place. This is where I find it by default. I’ve become someone you shouldn’t be looking for. I had my revenge, a form of recognition, even if the people around me were just out of interest,” recalls Tariq Sahibedin.

Tarik Sahibeddine has been a professional boxer for over a decade. He retired at the age of 42.
Tarik Sahibeddine (right) has been a professional boxer for over a decade. He retired at the age of 42. (©Tarik Sahibeddine)

when his brother made a school career No doubt the youngest repeated it four times between elementary school and college. Integration does not come through learning. “I quickly understood that it wasn’t made for me,” he continued. We weren’t talking about ADHD in the early ’80s, but I kind of liked it. I couldn’t stay still. »

19-year-old debut in boxing

His parents always encouraged him to exercise more and “don’t do nothing”.As a teenager, he felt Movement can be a great tool for integration. He tried football, like his older brother who was discovered by the Bordeaux Gironde, before turning to athletics and swimming, where he devoted his excess energy to endurance training.

Then, at the age of 19, the kid from Barthez discovered boxing. One day a friend explained to him that he needed 1,000 francs per fight. “Are you going to spend so much money to smash a guy?”, the will not to come back, with the temperament of a fight. That’s what persuades him to put on gloves and put on the ring three months later. Express learning.

In athletics and swimming, I have double lungs. I have the physique, I just lack the technique, but I have the determination.

Tariq Sahibedin

Until the age of 24, Tarik Sahibeddine continued to fight and reached Regional level is good. He wanted to turn professional, but the Moroccan was unable to play in the French Championship because he had no French nationality and precious points were at stake.

‘My parents are ashamed of me’

He became impatient and eventually got lost on the road bad encounter. Tarik Sahibeddine, arrested by the police for drug trafficking, was asked to move against his will into the Gradignan remand centre not far from his home, where he is serving 18 months, including six months.

I hurt my mother. My parents are ashamed of me. They are honest workers and they don’t make any noise around. There, we first heard about them because I…

Tariq Sahibedin

Just click.Except he gets “hot ass” for taking risks expel Or he saw something dirty in prison, and the young man wanted to prove—especially to his parents—that he was better than that.

“Why should I stop boxing when I only know how boxing is done?”, he thought tirelessly in the cramped cell.When leaving, he established a Family life with wife and children. The rest of the time, he devoted all his time to one goal: becoming a professional boxer. “I’m on fire!”, he commented, describing the 3 a.m. training, alone.

A Rocky Balboa-esque success story

For the uninitiated, the sequel is a remake Rocky Balboa. Girondists react in unexpected places. In the ring, he was promised hell and he made it his paradise. At the end of 1999, at the age of 28, he became a professional player. In 2003 and 2005, he collected two French titles at welterweight.

Then, in 2006, under rising star Brahim Asloum, he left the Acariès brothers, abandoning his dream of becoming the number one French super lightweight in favor of posters. all over Europeuntil the end of his career at the age of 42.

Tarik Sahibeddine is currently a Professional Educator at Apprentis d'Auteuil, where he communicates his values, especially social integration through sport.
Tarik Sahibeddine is currently a Professional Educator at Apprentis d’Auteuil, where he communicates his values, especially social integration through sport. (© Ilan Deutsch/Apprentis d’Auteuil)

Bravery on the Munich-Paris flight

Five years later, after traveling with his wife, he found himself on this Munich-Paris flight.

After 15 minutes, I spotted a man who was behaving oddly. He intimidates everyone, especially the captain, by staring at him and simulating a headbutt.

Tariq Sahibedin

The Girondists understood that things would get worse. He got up from his seat and came to the rescue. At first he stayed behind until he heard the traveler in question say to the captain: ” The boss here is me! You will do what I tell you now! »

Then, the former boxer is ready to put K.-O.This those in power. The captain whispered in his ear: “No, don’t fight! Since then he has devoted himself to guiding the unbalanced, he speaks to him to occupy him, but the individual makes a completely incoherent speech.

Meanwhile, Tarik Sahibeddine invites other travelers in the surrounding seats Take refuge in the back of the plane Two other passengers, including an undercover police officer, were called in as reinforcements.

Suddenly, the unbalanced person comes on a whim. “I’m going to the cockpit, we’re going back to Munich,” he enthused.Neither one nor two, Tarik Sahibeddine used his chance to turn his back knock him down and neutralize himLanding in Paris, the son of immigrants remembers it took police a while to realize he wasn’t the attacker.

“In my life, clichés, I screwed them all up”

We are in 2018. Bataclan attack Still in everyone’s memory. In the minds of law enforcement officers, he has a robotic portrait of a terrorist. Fortunately, the captain of Lufthansa quickly reassigned the role and gave him the honor he deserved. “Great, you did a great job! Congrats to a police officer at the end.

“In my life, those clichés, I screwed them all up,” he said, with pride and an aggression like a victorious boxer coming off the ring.

Tarik Sahibeddine in Apprentis d'Auteuil's office.
Tarik Sahibeddine in Apprentis d’Auteuil’s office. (© Ilan Deutsch/Apprentis d’Auteuil)

this Onboarding message, the 50-year-old is now committed to passing it on to young people.First a sports animator in Pessacsig, a difficult area of ​​the Grand Metropolitan, then a sociocultural educator at the Centre for Intensive Education in Castelville, Gironde, and even a local mediator in Bassens, who now special educator At the Apprentis d’Auteuil in Paris, children take care of themselves and orphans.

“In working-class communities, these young people are suffering, I feel like a fish in water. I understand them, the Girondists testified. I want to help them and tell these young people that they have quality but they have to be valued. »

For example, a kid who can dismantle a stolen car in a few hours, you have to make him understand that he can legally make a living by becoming a mechanic.

Tariq Sahibedin

He wants to lead by example

The 51-year-old former small forward is determined to share his experience, proving it’s possible realize his dreameven from the wrong foot or a few steps behind.

“I remember when I was 16, a professional preventive educator from the Feu Vert Society in Gradignan took five young people, including me, to explore Paris and the National Assembly,” Tarik Sahibeddine said. We were on a boat tour and I was Look for the Statue of Liberty on Swan Island. It’s a world off the beaten track… And yet, 34 years later, I live next door, at 15e borough. I got revenge on so many things! »

Young Tariq (in red), 16, observes the Statue of Liberty from a riverboat.
Young Tariq (in red), 16, observes the Statue of Liberty from a riverboat. (©Tarik Sahibeddine)

At the age of 51, the former ring glory – dubbed the “Hero of Munich” after his heroic act on August 24, 2018 – wants to show the way to all these young men under him. “After so much struggle in my life, I want to share my experience, to show that if you can get off to a bad start, you should never give up on your dreams. »

in the right wayby Tarik Sahibeddine and Frédéric Leterreux, a 240-page book, published by City editions, sold for €17.50 in bookstores and e-commerce platforms.

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