Former drug dealer who became French boxing champ, this Girondist stopped plane hijacking

A former prison smuggler finds redemption in boxing. Because his life is like a novel, it needs a book to tell. Tarik Sahibeddine, 51, grew up on the Barthez estate in Gradignan and went on to become a French boxing double champion. In 2018, he made headlines for preventing the hijacking of a Munich-Paris flight. Today, a professional educator for the apprenticeship of Auteuil orphans, the Moroccan, Girondist, by adoption, traces his story in a biography”in the right way” (City Edition), with journalist Frédéric Leterreux.

it nearly ripped the hijacker’s jaw

August 24, 2018 Japan can be an ordinary day after the holidays”, Tarik Sahibeddine wrote. The retired boxer and his wife Nacéra returned from a stay in Germany that day. The couple boarded the Munich-Paris flight. Shortly after LH2236 took off, a passenger from Cameroon Attempt to forcibly open the cockpit door. Just then, Tarik Sahibeddine put down the plate that the hostess had brought, and told his wife that he “will be a battle”. “I asked the crew if they needed my help and the captain put his arms out to me and said ‘help us’ so I stepped in”he told the French department of Brugironde.

“I jumped on him, I pinned him to the ground until it was done, then handed him over to the police”

“We were in 2018, we talked a lot about terrorism in France, there were several attacks at the beginning of the year, and psychosis developed.” Tarik Sahibeddine was terrified of witnessing a new attack that day. “It’s scary and impressive, but at the same time so fast”. From the beginning of the incident, the Lufthansa flight crew alerted the control tower in Paris.

before intervening to control the lunaticTarik Sahibeddine warns border police: “I might rip his jaw, nose, teeth out, and the dental and surgical bills could be very expensive”. The police replied: “You have carte blanche.” With the help of other passengers, the Girondins managed to solve the ground problem “madman” No”Uppercut or uppercut that won’t cause panic on board“.”My story travels the world‘, the boxer smiled, as interviews in the French and international media multiplied over the weeks.

Tarik Sahibedhine started boxing at the age of 30.
Tariq Sahibedin

When the future hero of the Munich-Paris flight sells ‘250g sanitary pads’

Tarik Sahibeddine was born in Casablanca on October 22, 1971 and has spent his entire life in France. “My parents wanted me to be born in Morocco”. but it is in the Gironde, He spent his childhood in Gradignan near Bordeaux. “When I saw this little boy Tariq again, I felt sorry for him. “ he said today.

“When you hear that you are worthless, at some point, you will believe it”

“Deep down, I’m French. But very quickly, I understood that I’m not like everyone else, that I’m taken back to my origins. It’s not just racial racism, it’s social racism. I’m from Priority community and I’m not like everyone else, I’m not invited to the same parties as everyone else. I’m really miserable.”

‘Once in jail, it’s electric shock’

At that time, according to “bad encounters and bad company”, The teenager got caught up in the petty drug deal. “I’m reselling 250 grams of cannabis resin flakes to wholesalers.” Police recovered several kilograms. “I was jailed for 18 months, 6 of them”. After his release, Tarik Sahibeddine decided to settle down. To make a living, he worked as a doorman in a nightclub in Bassin d’Arcachon.

At the top of French boxing in an age when everyone else hung up their gloves

his passion for sports And his combative temperament propelled him into the ring. “I had no other way out. I failed in school and I had no professional experience.“By mid-30, his progress will be dazzling.”I started as an amateur in 1999, turned pro in 2000 and won my first French Hope title in 2001.

“I didn’t count training, kilometers driven and bruises on my body”

Ability to fight in different classes (middleweight and super bantamweight), the boxer from the Marcheprime club found his way to redemption in the eyes of his family. “My father came to see me for a fight. It was during the French U23 Championship in Bordeaux. He left after a few months.”

Tarik Sahibedhine, former French boxing champion.
Tarik Sahibedhine, former French boxing champion.
Tariq Sahibedin

During his career, Tarik Sahibeddine will play Six French Championships, including five finalswon two championship titles and three vice-championships, ending in 2005, “French first“.”i’m daydreamingSome coaches then suggested that the 34-year-old Girondins should retire. rejected him. Denmark, Germany, Serbia.

Nightclub bouncer and special educator

After his past as a penitent criminal and boxing champion, Tarik Sahibeddine begins a new chapter in his life. “I do bad things around me, I challenge myself to do good things”he explained. yesterday’s brawler goes into social workfirst as a counselor and then as a professional educator. “I try to help young people in need find the right path”In 2017, he joined the Auteuil Orphans Apprenticeship Foundation, dedicated to helping young people with social difficulties integrate into society.

For more than two decades, the ex-horrible kid at Bartez Manor has been reaching out to teens who stumbled like him. His autobiography is also a study manual. “At fifty, after so many struggles in life, I want to share my experience to show that if you can get off to a bad start, you should never give up on your dreams.

Former confessor, later French boxing champion, Tarik Sahibedhine in the ring.
Former confessor, later French boxing champion, Tarik Sahibedhine in the ring.
Tariq Sahibedin

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