Fact boxing of the night, an effective remedy against harassment

Bousmaha Amara with one of her little disciples (photo Yannick Pons)

Beauvoisin Boxing Club was established in 2014 with 115 members and is now one of the largest boxing clubs in the sector. Much of the association’s success is due to Bousmaha Amara, who was more than an educator. He is an educator, a psychologist, a big brother. The former boxer effectively tackles school bullying with simple methods.

From September to June, 115 members of the club take over the halls of the Chateau de Beauvaisin. This room, which Bous strives for, he wants to be able to install a little ring, is essential in his educational approach. The students ranged in age from 5 to 48 and came from 24 different cities. Beauvoisin, Vauvert, Moussac and even Nimes like Léo.

best club in france

Boxing Club In 1980, from the year of its founder Bousmaha Amara’s birth, it was named the best educational boxing club in France in April after excelling in French championships. The club released two French champions at a minimum, Many Gimenez (- 33 kg) and Sean Lopes (- 39 kg). Among the cadets (- 54 kg), Emilio Houssard was the vice-champion and Chayan Gimenez (- 51 kg) was the third. Ayae El Bachiri is the French vice-champion with a minimum of 1 (-45 kg).

Ayae El Bachiri, Vice-Champion of French Educational Boxing (Photo Yannick Pons)

The club also welcomes young prodigy Lorenzo Lopez (-64kg), who has made good progress since joining the club with five matches and as many victories. In educational boxing, students must impose themselves through their technical and tactical qualities, but not through the power of the blow in any case. The speed of execution will not change in any way, but must be accompanied by full control over the impact of sanctions. Braces, helmets and gloves are full kit for kids.

Helmet, mouthguard and gloves (photo Yannick Pons)

French boxing champion Vauverdois Bousmaha Amara had to abruptly stop his career due to a corneal problem in his right eye. He drew a line under the punch by hanging up his gloves, which he thought was clear. But he passed his education diploma, and Toufik, a former mediator in the city of St Giles, did help him get started. Then, ” Club numbers grow again thanks to Tony Yoka’s 2016 Olympics“, he explained.

More than a club, a project

“It’s not just a club, it doesn’t stop at a license, it’s a real project. I’m close to the kids, I know how to help them, I’m not letting anything go, it’s serious here.” Hammer Booth.

It imposed a paramilitary discipline, beginning with a mandatory greeting. “I refuse the jersey, we are not here to show our origin or our country. IHere, we are all equal.Everyone Must Wear Unisex to Train“, he hammered. This rigor allows the placement of the learner, well suited to his students. Coaches adapt to each person’s personality. “I guide them, but I don’t condone them”he added.

Training at the Beauvoisin Boxing Club in 1980 (photo Yannick Pons)

Among the club’s learners, two children were harassed and beaten at school: “I let him breathe and watch him from a distance. Whenever he’s in trouble, I’ll be close to him. When he’s ready, he’ll walk into the practice field with a helmet on.“, the coach said.

Confident, intimidating stance

For harassed children, he first gave them confidence. It teaches them to develop a confident posture that essentially becomes a bulwark against aggression. “If you stand up straight, stare and inspire a certain confidence, no one will bother you on the playground”explains Booth’s disciples getting into boxing by gradually dispelling their fears. “Boxing is a natural medicine, but you have to know how to use it. Just a deterrent, not a weapon“, he added.

During the Small Gladiator Challenge this Sunday at the Boisin Arena. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

Throughout the week, he will be looking for training grounds in Espiguette, in the middle of the Camargue. Bousmaha also created a boxing extravaganza to challenge little gladiators. The match takes place on Sunday, 29 May, at the Arena in Beauvoir, in the presence of 70 young boxers and boxers aged 9 to 15 from all over France: Toulouse, Carcassonne, Perpignan or Albi Wait. ” It’s a way to make the club more famous, and it’s a way of educating boxing.Here, the crackdown is sanctioned until disqualification“, he insists. Today, his hobby is bullying at school, but his dream is to go further by creating a handicap boxing zone in a wheelchair.

Yannick Pons

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