Explaining the Hand and Body | and Gil Mahesh

The science of vocabulary includes the study of actions. These are the work of the hands, the head.

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It can be done in conversation or in a mental state, a state of mind. For example, when two people meet and shake hands, you can tell a lot about how your friends relate to each other.

The meaning of the style varies depending on where the hands are. If the hands are with their hands to each other, moving slowly, then this shows the humility of the man, his giving. The more he moved outside, the more his friend insisted on leaving. Sometimes the mood can be fixed and a person just throws away a bad idea that comes to his mind.

When the palm is fully spread out and down with the side down, it is like a hammer. Movement often occurs when a person is trying to eliminate certain ideas, social connections, and so on. Hands pointing downwards, which means the interlocutor is trying to finish something in him and at the same time calling out the order, trying to protect himself from being uncomfortable with him. ia. If a person is difficult, he is trying to control his thoughts and attitude.

When the fingers are held in the hand, they are pointed at the center of the palm. This shows that the human mind has a certain kind of trepidation. Scholars can draw ideas in such a way that people try to leave the whole world and begin to evaluate themselves. The hand is a weapon at the same time. The hand in this position is a little smaller. To accurately establish the nature of this situation, facial expressions will help. A person can express anger or strong feelings about a problem that has arisen in their head or is currently being discussed.

Resting hands can show a person’s indifference. If the shoulders are lowered, then this indicates heaviness, which they are trying to hide in every way. The hands are held behind the back if the interlocutor does not want to bother anyone with his or her problems and stories.

When a person hides his hands in his sack, in this way he is trying to hide his doubts. Often in such situations, there is a routine, with the help of which it is possible to establish a relationship with a partner quickly. The anointing of the hands shows that the person is happy with what is being done or hopes that something very good will come soon.

The rest of the body must listen to:

  • Proud shoulders – fear and constant dread.
  • When the shoulders fall down and relax, the person feels confident and empowered.
  • Raising and lowering the shoulders indicates uncertainty, as well as changes that can take place during self -defense.
  • The shoulders lying back show that the man wants to show his strength. Such people often exaggerate themselves.
  • Resilience is shown by the hands on the hips, as well as non -conviction by accepting someone’s support.

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