Ex-boxer, ex-journalist, retired grocer… Who is the RN rep?

The National Rally confirmed its national breakthrough with 89 delegates at Palais Bourbon. Here are some introductions.

Marine Le Pen will host a panel of 89 representatives of young supporters and older activists close to her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who will all have to Demonstrate his ability to wield power, and the Elysée will appear in five years.

“I would call them excellence” because “we have to be better, harder, more efficient, more efficient,” the presidential finalist said Monday, arguing that the delegates are the “vanguard” of the elite who may ” Take State Responsibility for 2027″. The RN’s leader already wants to take the capacity challenge during the presidential election to make people forget about her failed 2017 debate and representation, six, not very often in the National Assembly.

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Younger than their peers (45.9 years of average age, against 48.5 years for the entire Assembly), the newly elected RNs will arrive at the Assembly on Wednesday.

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RN’s historic breakthrough in legislative elections is “the result of a long-established, Marine Le Pen generation of elected officials who came for her and through her, but also long-running ones,” emphasises political scientist Jean-Yves Camus (Jean-Yves Camus).

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As a result, several young sailors were chosen to conquer the land, such as Edwige Diaz (11th from Gironde), head of the RN in the area, Helaine · Laporte (Hélène Laporte RN, or Philip Ballard (Second Vaz), former LCI presenter.

1986 FN group with no survivors

Even though the group doesn’t have any survivors of the 1986 FN group, several are former militants close to the party’s co-founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, such as Michel Guinho, 67. Guiniot) (6th from Oise), insert 1989, or Frédéric Cabrolier (1st from Tarn), 55, first front-line candidate in 1993.

Frédéric Boccaletti (7th from Var), 48, with 20 years of activism in addition to “a year at Mégret”, had to defend himself in a now-closed restaurant called “Anthinea” Bookstore sells denialist books in defense of Charles Maurras. In 2000, he was convicted of violence during an interstitial session for a poster collage.

Also on the team’s ranks are Marie-France Lorho, 57, from Jacques Bompard’s Ligue du Sud, who sponsored Eric Zemmour, and even Caroline Parmentier, 56, who worked for the fundamentalist Catholic newspaper Present for 31 years. Marine Le Pen’s press officer.

Other representatives came from the sovereign rights of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, such as Jean-Philippe Tangy (4th from the Somme), the former No. 2 in Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign and the French de Bout Former speakers, even Maréchal, a former relative of Marion: Christophe Bentz (1st in Haute-Marne) or Pierre Meurin (4th in Gard), ex-Zemmouriste, passed by Philippe de Villiers’ “French Movement”.

Former MMA Champion and Police Officer

Whatever differences they may have, for example on the economy, Marine Le Pen wants them to embody “firm opposition” but “responsibility and respect for the system”, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon is “abandoning republican values”. Seeking credibility, she argues that her “vast majority” of deputies are “seasoned elected officials” who are district, department or city councillors, or who have “done a lot” in her presidential campaign.

“The final stage of demonization is to demonstrate through parliamentary work, including in committees, that this party can hold” power, Jean-Yves Camus explained.

The feminization of the group (37.08%) is comparable to that of the parliament (37.26%), but more advanced than in 1986. Since Marine Le Pen became head of registered nurses in 2011, the far-right has dwindled with the slightest female voting leaning, according to Ifop.

If some of the reps come from popular categories obtained from RN, such as delivery driver Joris Bovey, 29 (Allier’s No. 2) or retired grocer Daniel Grenon, 73 (Yonne’s No. 1), those occupations The most represented were freelancers (12 representatives), executives in executive or commercial companies (12) and mid-level occupations (11). The group has two senior civil servants, Roger Chudo (2nd from Loire-Cher), a former State Education Inspector and Philippe Lotio (4th from Val) enarque, who, together with Patrick Balkany, are in Le Valois-Perret Town Hall has worked for over ten years.

Another profile noticed: Antoine Villedieu, 32, will take his first steps in the hemicycle, elected deputy for Haute-Saône. Former professional boxer – he practiced british boxing, two-time MMA world champion, he is now Besan A police officer in Pine and the national spokesman for the Federation of Police Independent Professionals (FPIP), a union close to the far right.

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