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Alejandro Aranda, better known as Scarypoolparty, is a musician, musician, and filmmaker from Pomona, California. He finished second in the seventeenth season of American Idol. On November 22, 2019, he released his first album, Exit Form. On September 4, 2020, he released Doom Hologram, his long-awaited album EP. In 2021, the LA movie is out. A double album called The Act of Repentance was released in 2021.

What is the value of Alejandro Aranda?

By 2022, Alejandro Aranda will be considered an American artist, musician, and filmmaker. $ 350,000. He had to earn a living in his singing career.

His net worth now allows him to live comfortably. He could increase his net worth in the years to come because he was always working.

Personal life:

Now, Aranda can be one. He had no contact with anyone in the eyes of the public. He was more concerned with his job than with relationships. I think he will soon find his perfect match.

In addition, there is no information about his public associations before. Once he made a name for himself in the music business, he planned to meet his lucky daughter. Throughout his professional and personal life, Aranda did a good job of defending the rumors.

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In California, he was educated. She was afraid to show herself now because of her social nature. He asked himself to speak in public for the first time. She said she was “in” herself for most of her life, going to the library whenever she could research music.

He wanted to build his own worldview by supporting people, not criticizing them, not harming them, and using his spirit to become the person he wanted to be. She worked hard from her childhood to find the kind of person she wanted.

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Aranda is a counselor for the underprivileged, who have already seen the magnitude of the crisis in Los Angeles and around the world. He taught firsthand for the homeless and those with mental illness.

His European tour plan was thrown into chaos by 2020. During his tenure, he began to compose songs with pleasure. He was one of the first players to melt life now, and he always does it every now and then. She worked on the Lollapalooza 2020 website event, which featured previously recorded live events. On March 2, 2021, Scarypoolparty and There Is Nothing will release one.

alejandro american idol net wealth

Scarypoolparty’s Los Angeles EP will be released worldwide on March 26. On August 27, 2021, Aranda released his 21st album, The Act of Forgiveness. On this double CD, she created 21 songs herself. As the album explains, “the composition, cinematic post-rock swell, and untruthful words are woven into a story about the twisted path of forgiveness and the desire to Experience happiness, love, and connection. “

Aranda teamed up with Emmy and Grammy Award -winning composer Rob Mathes on an 18 -episode series that gave the album 12 of the album’s songs.

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“I want every piece of music in The Act of Forgiveness to sound like a movie,” the composer said. According to Scarypoolparty, “I’m really excited about this CD.”

“The Act of Forgiveness is a story I want to tell in verses; a story about love and emotional turmoil through the relationship and the way we respond differently, creating movie scenes around life and not wanting to watch the real picture or to see the faults of our imperfect minds, and in the end how we can lose ourselves in our surroundings and become completely real and nothing.

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