Donnie Sanders’ family sued for $ 10M after the shooting

The family of a black man who was shot by a Kansas City police officer in 2020 is suing the Police Commissioner and the officer after the shooting, seeking about $ 10 million in damages and with costs.

The families of Donnie Sanders filed a federal lawsuit on Friday, accusing Blayne Newton, the officer, of using excessive force during the March 12, 2020 shooting. The Kansas City Star shown.

The complaint also alleges that the Police Commission, which oversees the department, was not properly trained and punished its police officers for the use of lethal force, at every door.

According to the HokuCivil rights activists in Kansas City reported the death of Sanders, 47, amid several scenes of Black citizens dying at the hands of white -collar soldiers.

Newton shot Sanders five times, hitting him three times, during a night driving test, through each gate. According to legend, he was the only officer on the tour when he started following Sanders’ car, after chasing Sanders on foot after he stopped in the back. of a path and try to run.

Dash cam images were reviewed by Hoku He did not take pictures of the two men in pursuit, although the microphone displayed to pick up Newton demanded that Sanders stand and show his hands, and then gunshots were heard.

Sanders was shown in the abdomen, right thigh and elbow and died of injuries the next morning at the hospital. Hoku.

The release shows that while Newton told investigators he thought he saw Sanders holding a gun, detectives did not find the weapons on him, instead. finding a telephone in his suitcase.

Citing investigations from the office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol investigating Sanders’ murder, prosecutors denied the allegations against Newton. Hoku shown.

Opponents posted a photo of Abraham Lincoln with signs demanding information about the shooting of Donnie Sanders by a white police officer and the departure of the police officer, according to the report. on Oct. 13, 2020, in Kansas City, Mo. and Sanders to the superintendent and the Board of Police for a minimum of $ 10 million. (AP Photo/Heather Hollingsworth, File)

Jean Peters Baker, a Jackson County plaintiff, said Newton’s statement out of fear for his safety was supported by two witnesses, who said Sanders approached him with his hand outstretched. when Newton was going behind orders.

Following Sanders’ death, and the killing of George Floyd and others by police in the coming months, Kansas City residents led protests calling for redress. race and regulation in the industry, locally. NPR-bill KCUR shown.

Later that year, after Newton returned to work, he underwent a use-of-force examination after he knelt on the back of a pregnant black woman when he was arrested. and in October 2020, for Hoku.

The boy's body is found at Merced in the search for the missing girl

The Kansas City office acquired the body cameras in 2020 and stopped an internal investigation into the fatal shootings by its officers, announcing that it was starting to involve the Missouri Highway Patrol in those cases, the Hoku shown.

The agency said it would not comment on the lawsuit when it struck Hoku.

Sanders’ sister, Reshonda, told the Hoku on Friday: “We believe this officer will stand up to the allegations,” adding, “we need justice and so does Donnie.”

“He didn’t do anything wrong, he lost his life driving,” he said.

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