Dick Vitale Complains About NCAA Over Oscar Thsiebwe Deal

The name, likeness and likeness offerings and the transfer portal have recently changed in NCAA sports. But Kentucky Wildcats forward Oscar Tshiebwe, receiving $2 million, had ESPN’s Dick Vitale protest them.

The NIL agreements and the transfer portal have been two contentious issues because of how they impact sports.

College athletes are paid the money many think they deserve and are now given the freedom to move in the same way as professionals and coaches.

The flip side is that the shift to college sports is seeing more coaches like Villanova’s Jay Wright reevaluate their careers in the new era.

Someone who is becoming one of the most vocal critics of the NIL agreements and the transfer portal situation is Vitale, who recently tweeted:

LEGAL CHEATING happening with portal and NIL. I’m glad players can get some $$$ but mega schools have a big adv. How many schools can make deals worth $2 million ala what OSCAR TSHIEBWE will get to stay @KentuckyMBB?

Like other sports leagues with no salary cap, the NCAA is seeing an increase in the number of elite players who choose their college based on the amount of check they receive. Players are transferring if they feel there is more money elsewhere.

Calling this legalized cheating is a bold statement by Vitale, but the gap between the haves and have-nots can continue to grow in the age of the NIL and the transfer portal.

Oscar Tshiebwe’s Huge NIL Deal Could Be The Start Of The NCAA Changes Dick Vitale Is Complaining About

Oscar Tshiebwe is getting one of the biggest deals in the short history of the NIL business.
Oscar Tshiebwe is getting one of the biggest deals in the short history of the NIL business.

Oscar Tshiebwe was coming off an elite season and was one of the best players not to make the NBA draft when he decided to return to the Kentucky Wildcats.

A big part of the decision to stay in the NCAA is the significant size of the NIL deal he’s getting for staying.

For a player who wasn’t guaranteed to be a first-round pick, the possibility of receiving $2 million is a salary increase over what he would have received in the NBA.

While the money is fantastic for Tshiebwe as he continues to develop, Vitale is right about the negative financial impact on other schools.

Many elite programs with prominent alumni bases can pay multi-player millions of dollars. Smaller schools will not be able to compete on payment.

Still, Kentucky lost in March Madness to a much smaller Saint Peter school, with nowhere near the financial support, so there’s still hope.

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