Deontay Wilder is in business and remains one of boxing’s hottest spots in the chapters after his Tyson Fury.boxing news sky news

Boxing prides itself on its sweet science. With his feints, his blind-finishing jabs, his ring IQ, his southpaw-orthodox alternation, he relies on discipline to exercise ferocity.

Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury’s infatuation and fanaticism stemmed in part from their mastery over them, with Anthony Joshua struggling in September’s loss to the Ukrainian at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and try to reflect.

Vasyl Lomachenko has the same demands on his moves and technique, Andre Ward leads the super middleweight distance and ring control clinic, Floyd Jr. Floyd Mayweather Jr hit the pinnacle of his career with a punch-back and arguably the greatest bouncing defense in history.

Boxing technicians are praised and admired for what they call brutal cunning.

But sometimes there’s a thunderous, self-sufficient old-fashioned punch. There has been Deontay Wilder at times, and his plan-busting fist remains one of the sport’s hottest and most exclusive tickets in town, and will continue to do so until the day he hangs up his gloves.

It looks like that day will come soon, as the 36-year-old has emphasized his intention to return to the ring to regain his world champion status.

“I can’t stop now. I have to continue my journey,” Wilder said this week at the unveiling of his life-size statue in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “I love you all so much. I can’t just end this. This journey is not over. I have to continue my journey.”

Who is Wilder’s next?

The “Bronze Bomber” may lack skill compared to the heavyweight champions around him, but he often makes up for it in heavyweight’s most devastating knockout threat.

Fury treats him with the respect he deserves, hires coach Sugarhill Steward to help him unlock his own knockout, can thwart the American knowing that stopping him means grounding him and knowing that trying to stop him means fireworks.

After Fury himself, the Gypsy Kings’ sixth-round win over Dillian White at Wembley reflected that no one was as positive as Wilder, who beat the WBC champion four times in a trilogy, while White experienced Had a frustrating night.

Facing the turmoil of a stern Luis Ortiz, he overtook the Cuban and broke Dominic Breazeale’s well-placed An escape plan, which very few people can live with.

Boxing is better when it can provide Wilder’s explosiveness to transform any fight with one punch, and for the sting he leaves behind like other champion-seeking heavyweights. He never strayed from his identity, and while that didn’t always pay off, it made him one of the box-office performers in combat sports.

Tyson Fury recovers after being knocked down by Wilder

Wilder, who has not played since an 11th-round knockout loss to Fury in the third meeting of their trilogy in October last year, required hand surgery.

He remains a contender for the WBC No. 1 ranking despite consecutive losses, and World Boxing Council president Mauricio Suleiman recently confirmed to Sky Sports that Wilder could challenge for the vacant belt if Fury retired.

He said: “He’s taking his time, he’s thinking about his plans for the future, he’s had a very busy reign as champion, two knockout losses to Fury, it’s been tough, but he’s matured and he The performance was very good,” Suleiman added. “He had a great time with his wife, he was enjoying life, but I’m sure he’ll be back.

“He’s one of those fighters you rarely see in the ring, he’s capable of knocking someone down with one punch, and he’s had a lot of exciting fights. He’s a great fighter and a great guy.

“I believe he will play this year.”

Wilder is currently 42-2-1 in his career, surpassing the greats Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Vita after successfully defending his WBC title during his five years as heavyweight champion Leigh Klitschko and Joe Frazier, who both claim nine wins defensively.

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Fury’s coach Sugarhill Steward explains some of the reasons fighters are retiring, but doesn’t rule out a return

Losing to Fury wasn’t everything, and there were still coveted fights, one of which may have been a brutal blow to White as he continued his quest for a world title.

While Brixton’s fighters aim to avenge the losses of Fury and Joshua, he’s also apparently open to a lucrative game promised by Wilder.

“I always want to play my best,” White told Sky Sports last month. “Listen on Saturday, win, lose or draw, I’ll play a few more games with the top players and then I’ll retire. I still want to do the same thing. Nothing has changed.

“I don’t know what Wilder is doing. I just need to come back and I want to fight again everyone I’ve lost and try to avenge my loss.”

As far as Street Fighter’s throwing punches and guts go, it teases the character of a thriller, similar to White’s Two Wars and Derek Chisora’s.

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Dillian Whyte is frustrated by what he sees as an “illegal push” in the loss to Fury, but insists he can come back strong and fight for the world title again.

The winner of the eventual showdown between Joseph Parker and Joe Joyce appears to be an alternative, although given the later fight, it may have been for further afield; Andy Ruiz Jr ) could join as a logical insider after a scheduled August game against Ortiz. Promoter Otto Wallin, who rose to fame and scarred Fury in 2019, said the Swede was interested in taking over for Wilder.

Elsewhere, the undefeated Jared Anderson awaits his first high-profile challenge, with promoter Bob Arum saying in January that the 22-year-old would be “capable of beating” a pregnant woman by the end of the year. German people.

Meanwhile, Usyk presents an interesting Fury-like challenge with a similar approach but on a smaller scale, and Joshua may be one of the few able to challenge Wilder’s power, however, the availability of both may depend on Fury finding a winner They rematch for an undisputed bargain.

The unnamed Wilder remains one of boxing’s hottest spots, and his post-Fury chapter may be the most exciting.

Few people will want a piece of Wilder, most people will need a piece of Wilder if they want to get to the top.

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